Winter Wardrobe

I was approached by a representative from to write a post about my cold-weather fashion picks. I was really excited to write the post until I learned that it had to be comprised entirely of clothing from I do love the site (especially their home decor), but I don't own a single article of their clothing and don't think it would be fair to write a post about clothes I've never put on my body.

Plus, posting mood boards of clothing I simply like does nothing for me or you, the readers. Otherwise, I could just post a link to and be like, "All of it."

But staying on the topic of winter fashion finds, I am more than happy to share a few of the items I've purchased for the upcoming colder temperatures. I pride myself on finding good deals and rarely pay full price for anything. So check out the following pieces I purchased (and have actually worn) to supplement my wardrobe for Winter 2014:

I'm a cardigan girl through-and-through. You can dress them down, you can dress them up—they're so versatile! Never underestimated the power of having an arsenal of Mr. Rogers sweaters in your wardrobe.

I purchased this mustard-colored boyfriend cardigan from Target because any woman with common sense shops at Target. I'm a huge fan of the boyfriend fit because it's long and loose and means I can eat a massive burrito for lunch and none will be the wiser.

This floral long-sleeve tee was purchased from Kohl's for a cool $10. I pair it with a crimson infinity scarf and some tall boots and skinny jeans and I am ready to roll. You know, I could probably even wear it under the mustard boyfriend cardigan.

This 3/4 length boxer t-shirt was also purchased from Target ($10) because ya know, dogs.

Again, from Target, this dark green flannel for $22 because I believe that grunge is alive and well. 

Finally, no winter wardrobe is complete without replenishing your winter sweaters. The few sweaters I do own are kind of tight and restricting because for some reason I enjoyed feeling like I was wearing a cotton corset when I had to wear dress clothes for work (You're gonna make me dress up every day? Well, I'll show you ... BY NOT BEING ABLE TO BREATHE.).

A few weeks ago I posted that I cashed in a birthday coupon from The Limited and was able to score a sweater on clearance FOR FREE. As you can tell, I'm still so proud of this. So, so proud. It has a lovely lace detail on the sides, plus a loose fit which me and my PMS absolutely need once a month.

I bought the above sweater from Aeropostale (the same day I snagged my free sweater from The Limited). For only $10, I now own a fuzzy sweater with a bunny on it. The 29 year-old part of my brain took one look at the sweater and said, "A bunny? REALLY?" And the 13 year-old part of my brain took one look at the sweater and said, "A bunny! REALLY!!!"

Last and certainly not least, I splurged on this olive green light-weight jacket to tie me over between summer and snow-apocalypse weather. Purchased from Kohl's, the jacket was originally $60 and coupons brought it down to about $25.

I didn't need any jeans or boots this year because I've stocked up for the past few seasons. I mean, a girl can never have too many pairs of tall boots, but I'm trying to avoid exorbitant spending (some days it works out better than others) because every time I try to clean out my closet, I realize I own way too many clothes.

Total winter clothing expenditures:

Cardigan: $20
Boxer tee: $10
Floral tee: $10
Plaid flannel: $22
FREE sweater: FREE
Bunny sweater: $10
Jacket: $25

You're welcome, Clayton.