Is this real life?

I feel so happy right now, my heart feels is likely to explode at any moment.

I'm doing what I've always wanted to do. Each day as I sit in my little part of the studio and write (!!!!!), I get a surge of glee and the sense of, "Oh my gosh, is this really happening? Am I really part of a creative agency? Am I really a part of the coolest place that someone like me could ever hope to work in Bloomington?"

Yes! Yes! And yes!

How did I get so lucky? How could I possibly deserve this?!

This week has definitely been plagued with several "I'm the new girl!" moments (and I definitely electrocuted myself stringing Christmas lights in the studio), but overall? I am so happy. Thrilled. Overjoyed.

We're in the process of nailing down my exact title and official role with the company, but at this point you could call me "toilet paper stock girl" and I'd wear the title with pride.

This week has been a whirlwind with starting over at new job and a new company (as to be expected), but I've still gotten to enjoy several sweet moments outside of the office.

On Monday night, I made Harvest Cobb Salad from Clayton merely tolerates salad, but he loved this delicious, nutrient-rich dinner (then again, he loves anything with bacon in it).

Hint: This recipe is super easy, too. Even the dressing can be done in a jiffy!

Clayton surprised me with a lovely, thoughtful "Happy First Day at Your New Job!" gift:

And this book is no joke. It's close to 400 pages and is printed on beautiful, glossy paper with lots of COLOR images. I'm only a few chapters in, but I'm already in love.

Tuesday was rainy, cold and miserable, and it definitely called for some comfort food. I threw together these stuffed breakfast croissants with sausage, egg and cheese.

On Wednesday evening, I met Tonia for wine at Oliver Winery Downtown. In case the name doesn't ring a bell, Tonia and I were academic advisors together and she very well may be my female soul mate. We regularly meet for wine and conversation evolving around work, books and our significant others. This time I ordered a glass of Oliver Winery's Dry Red Blend. It was perfect.

Clayton and I are really into renting quirky, underrated Indie films and this week we watched both Life After Beth and Obvious Child. Both movies featured at least one character from Parks and Rec and both movies were great (and so funny! So, so funny!). Jenny Slate just might be brilliant.


We're looking forward to a quiet weekend. I'm trying a new cake recipe tonight and I'm really excited about it which tells me that my personal life might be kind of sad. But that's me: running, writing, dogs and frosting.

In fact, that's what my epitaph should say:

"Here lies Courtney. She ate a lot of frosting so she could run after puppies and then write about it."

Happy Friday all!