I'm sick of the title "Weekend Recap" (Weekend Recap)

Happy Monday! (If we believe it to be true in our hearts, maybe one day Monday WILL be happy.)

I work downtown, which is incredible, but the quarter mile I walk from the parking garage to the studio every morning always seems to be in direct opposition of the wind. We're experiencing morning temperatures in the low 30s, so every day I get hit in the face with frigid air (which makes my hair look amazing, by the way).

I know it's almost mid-November, but I'm seriously wondering where these temperatures are coming from. We're expected to get another "colder than normal winter", which I guess is weatherman-speak for "You're gonna freeze your gnads off again".

So you can't blame a girl for getting into the holiday spirit a little early.

I am (and always have been) a believer that there should not be the sound of any sleigh bells or a single piece of tinsel in sight before Thanksgiving.

We hung a few strands of Christmas lights at work last week to make the studio more festive and I electrocuted myself, which I figured was my penance for going against my tradition.

Blame it on the cold temperatures, but I really want to decorate for Christmas right now.

I convinced Clayton to let me have a smidgeon of holiday joy this weekend by way of our chinchilla:

I posted this picture on Facebook last night and am disappointed to see that it still hasn't gone viral or broken the Internet. The decibels at which my squeals of glee reached caused Joey to flee the room in fear. Clayton snapped this photo and I felt like my entire life finally made sense. Everything I've been working towards was leading up to this moment of putting a tiny hat on a chinchilla. I now feel oddly whole.

We bought Kevin's Santa hat while we were at Pet Smart buying a special dog treat because somebody I know turned the big 1-0 yesterday!

That's right! My precious beags is now 10 years old. As of yesterday, Joseph "Joebizzles" has been making my life better for an entire decade and my love and thankfulness for him are immeasurable.

We celebrated the day with an extra long walk, pieces of bacon while making breakfast, and a giant bone for him to chew to his heart's delight.

We unwrapped the bone, sang "Happy Birthday" to our boy and watched him carry the bone straight to the patio door. Puzzled, I opened the door. Joey sprinted straight back to the garden boxes and promptly buried the bone.

Then, every time we let him out for the remainder or the evening, he ran back to the garden boxes to "check on things". Which really meant that every time he came back inside, I had to wipe dirt from his muzzle and paws.

Always so proud of himself.

Joey can't have birthday cake, but we can! In honor of Joey's birthday weekend, I made Clayton and I a Pumpkin Batter Better-Than-Sex cake.

Can't say the cake lives up to its name, but it was delicious. Letting the pumpkin cake soak overnight in sweetened condensed milk made it so moist wet cakey and for someone who doesn't like Heath bars at all (me), the topping was heavenly.

I wrote the down the recipe for this cake months ago and have no idea which website it came from, but here's a recipe that's very similar. The only difference is that I combined 1 cup of powdered sugar and a package of cream cheese to the Cool Whip topping.  And I let the cake soak overnight before spreading on the Cool Whip mixture.

If you try it, let me know how you like it!

I also had my first longish run since the half marathon and I'm pretty confident that I'm fully recovered. Most of my workouts last week were walking and stretching (with a few small runs sprinkled in), and on Sunday morning I went out for 5 easy miles in the neighborhood. I was successful in running a negative split and pumping up my speed didn't feel like too much effort. So happy to feel normal and be back to normal running!

Have a great week all!