Weekend Recap (pre-race freak out)

We're just 4 days and some change away from the 2014 Monumental Marathon and Half Marathon.

Which means I have just 4 days and some change of anxiety and obsessive compulsiveness to get through.

My pre-race nerves are already in full swing. Any free moment I've had to myself has been consumed with my typical "what if?" scenarios:

What if I catch a cold?

What if I don't have a good race?

What if Jesus comes back before I get to the starting line? (Will I still get my medal?)

It's self-inflicted torture. I willingly put myself through this every time I sign-up for a big race. I think part of me thrives on the drama.

Exactly a year ago this week, I was gearing up for my first full marathon. I wasn't nervous and anxious for that race so much as I was just exceedingly excited. I had never run a marathon before; I had zero expectations. I was just in it for fun and the thrill of a new challenge (what a novel concept!). This time around, it's my 8th half marathon and I definitely know what to expect. And I'm scared that my current abilities won't measure up to what I've done in the past.

I looked up my PR from the Monumental Half and saw my average pace. My goal is to beat that average pace.

WHAT IF I CAN'T DO IT!?!?!?!?!!?

*sedates self until race*

It's always a possibility that you won't beat your previous finishing time or that you won't have a good race. I've done both of those things in the half marathon, so I'm not sure where all of this fear is coming from.

I think it's called "Just Being Courtney".

But how about we peek at some pics from my weekend to keep my mind off of things for a solid 30 seconds?



 This picture melts my heart. He is so precious.

 Dat beard.

It would be nice if I had a little bit of face to go with my nose.

 I feel pretty. 

Dat ass.


Breakfast Club moment.

Crockpot Beer Chicken and garlic mashed potatoes, one of our faves. 

These Peanut Butter Oreo Brownies were full of so much win.  Grab the recipe here.