Tuesday Night

Last night was a GOOD night. Nothing spectacular happened, but we ate some good food and relaxed (and got in a little shopping). You know the kind of night I'm referring to? Just pleasant.

For dinner I made us chicken and prosciutto tortellini with marinara sauce (I'd love to say I sat there and whipped up my own pasta shells and delicately stuffed them myself, but these shells were totes store bought. If Clayton wants homemade pasta, he'll need to buy the attachment for my mixer). I served it with a side of roasted asparagus and a glass of pinot noir.


After dinner and some brief digestion, we went over to the mall so I could use a Macy's gift card my mom gave me for my birthday. I expressed an interest in getting a high quality foundation for my skin, and my mamma came to the rescue.

I purchased a bottle of Lancome Teint Idole Ultra 24-Hour foundation. This is the first time I've purchased what I refer to as "big girl make-up" from a department store beauty counter, and it kind of made me feel like a big deal. The foundation smooths my skin like a dream and now I'm convinced I need to get the matching pressed powder, too. 

I also used some birthday money from my dad and purchased a new bottle of Victoria's Secret Heavenly perfume because I've been out for months.

So I'm feelin' pretty sassy right about now. Smelling good with an even skin tone!

I'm working from an adult learning center today to oversee some of our student workers who are working an event, and I get to have some time to myself working in a tutoring classroom. I brought a book, my laptop and well, here I am!

So I'm sitting here in a room with strangers and am suddenly hit by the realization that I mentioned how amazing this new foundation is, but I forgot to snap a picture of the result while I was getting ready this morning.

Well, there's no time like the present ...

Ha, no one even looked up as I sat here, taking selfies on my computer like a goob.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I did something weird?

Debating it ...

Going for it!

No one saw.

Just livin' life and cashing happy checks over here.