First October Weekend Recap

I'd like to preface this blog post by mentioning that my hair is getting so long, I keep getting it caught in my armpits. If you walk behind me on days that I wear my hair down, it looks like I'm suffocating brown mice under my arms.

Now that I read that, I feel like I really need to specify that I'm referring to the hair on my head. The hair on my head is getting so long, I keep getting it caught in my armpits. 

My armpit hair is not long.

In fact, I don't have armpit hair that often at all.

Anyway, sorry that Tuesday's almost over and I'm just now getting around to posting a weekend recap. You didn't miss too much, but I'll go ahead and fill you in because what's this blog without the tardy weekend recap?

Don't be tardy for this blog post! Whoa! Whoa!

Kim Zolciak Biermann is my spirit animal. She doesn't let a little thing like not having any discernible singing talent keep her from becoming a recording artist!

This weekend was low-key, but enjoyable. We braved the frigid October air on Saturday morning and traveled to Bloomfield, Indiana so I could complete my 13th 5k race. For starting downtown, the Apple Festival 5k sure was a HILLY little race, but I made good time and came in 2nd place for my age group. No apples were given at the awards ceremony, but I did receive a medal.

All smiles at the last quarter mile and I seriously look like I'm the only one there.

We did a few calculations on the car ride home and I realized that the Apple Festival 5k is the 28th race I've completed in my running career ... and I'm 28. My next race, my 29th race, will be right after my birthday when I turn, you guessed it29.

*mind blown*

After cleaning up (and let's be honest, napping), we puttered around the local flea market where I found a set of vintage soup crocks for a cool $5 (holy cow! I have always wanted a set!) and then went to The Comedy Attic to see Adam Cayton-Holland.

He was SO FUNNY, easily one of the best comedians we've ever seen. He was the perfect balance of crassnss and snark. (And cute! I thought he was adorable! Kind of like a funny, funny Aaron Paul.)

Sunday I had a painful 8.5 mile run. It was a bad run. You know, the kind of bad run that leaves you questioning your capability and makes you embarrassed to call yourself a runner because what the heck was that?!?!?! That sure wasn't running! Yeah. That kind of run.

I'm sure I was tired from both the previous day's 5k and a heaping pile of personal stress that has left me darn near comatose recently, but when you're in the midst of a downer workout, the reason doesn't matter. I've been the girl tearfully walking along the trail plenty of times. 

But I'm happy to report that I redeemed myself on tonight's run. After Sunday's disastrous display of shoddy athleticism, I reevaluated my training plan and decided "to heck with it" and am just going to create my own training plan for the remaining weeks and do what I know works for me.

Sure, this new training plan improved my short running game by leaps and bounds, but if I want to have a strong performance at this upcoming half marathon, I need to stick with the tried and true. I'm just praying it's not too late to get back on track. (Seriously, say a prayer for me, guys.)

So tonight I just went out and ran 4 miles. No specific workout or required pace, I just did what felt good for me in that moment.

Crushed it.


In other news, this weekend I also finished watching the entire The Office series for the second time and cried through the last 3 episodes even harder than I cried through them the first time. Now I need a new show to watch on Netflix and I can't make up my mind! I'm a creature of habit, so I'm leaning towards re-watching the Parks and Rec series for the umpteenth time, but maybe I should try something new?

I'm considering watching Breaking Bad because Clayton loves it so much, he has the whole series memorized. But when I cozy up to a TV show in the evening, I like something light and fun. Not sure meth is light and fun.

Or I guess I could read an actual book. My stack of to-be-read is just getting bigger and bigger because I'm a book hoarder and will one day stop bathing and caring for myself and start throwing trash on the floor of my house and letting Kevin poop everywhere until Adult Protective Services comes knocking on the door to see if Clayton needs to be taken to a safer, more sanitary environment because his wife's books are her children.

Oh my gosh, speaking of Kevin! Let me sign off with this video of our chinchilla stuffing his wee wittle cheeks through the bars of his cage to snatch a raisin.

I wish I did anything as cute as a chinchilla. 


  1. Can't see the vid of Kevin! I'm sure he's super cute though!

  2. Drat! The video didn't embed properly. Should be there now!


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