5 Things

1.) I got up at 5:30am to run 6 miles before work today. I had a good run and still had enough time left over to look like a girl for the day.

Gotta love the blaring morning sun coming through my window.

2.) This past weekend I attended my first Jewish wedding ceremony and got to witness our good friends, Jamie and Justin, tie the knot. I don't consider myself an overly romantic person, but I love weddings. LOVE em'! I always tear up during the "I dos" (or in this case, the "yeses") and I also get a little verklempt during the first dance. 

And of course, the bride. I obsess over the bride. And Jamie was flawless. 

Photo from Photography by Greenbird.

3.) Clayton and I enjoyed dinner and a spooky Halloween movie with Dan and Emily on Monday evening, and Dan introduced us to onion jam. He and Emily have recently gotten into canning and they were happy to share their bounty with us. Just like I told Dan, nothing about "onion jam" sounds appetizing, but it's actually freakin' AMAZING. It's sweet, but it's not. It has an onion-y flavor, but it doesn't. It makes no sense to any of my senses, but it's delicious.

4.)  I have a new favorite book. Whilst waiting for Clayton one afternoon to go car shopping after the untimely death of my Pontiac G6, I wandered into Barnes and Noble and found C. Edward Good's Who's (oops whose) Grammar Book is This Anyway?. Smitten with both the author's writing style and the book's overall subject matter, I made a mental note to purchase the book on Amazon. I got it for $.01 (because I'm cheap) and I refer to it multiple times a day. 


5.) Today is October 16th which just so happens to be my mamma's birthday! Happy birthday, Mom! I hope your day is as wonderful as you. See you this weekend! :)