Is it weird to blog on your birthday? I feel like it's weird to blog on your birthday.

It's my birthday.

And I'm blogging.

As of today, I am down to my very last year in my 20s. This realization has been met with some disbelief, horror and a whole lotta denial.

How can I be 29? I still feel like I'm 18.

I've heard mixed reviews of your 30s. A few people I've heard from declare that your 30s are the best decade of your life because you feel at home in your own skin and are (hopefully) somewhat established in your life. But I've also heard that your 30s is when your body starts to break down and you start uttering pathetic things like, "Sorry, I can't go to [insert fun activity here], my back isn't what it used to be."

I'm now getting to the age where I can't wear most clothes in the junior's section at the store because having something like "SEXY GIRL" splashed across my chest in glitter and rhinestones isn't appropriate for any aspect of my life (not that I would have worn that kind of garbage in my teens anyway). And it's getting less cute to say we're waiting to have kids because loved ones are going to start wondering just how long we're planning to wait. Til' we're dead? (Probably.)

And yes, lately I've been stifling those horrible inner ponderings of "How much longer until my face starts changing? Am I only a few short bus stops away from Wrinkle City?" Why? Because we live in a society that values youth.

However, for as much trepidation as I have about getting closer to 30, it's not crushing my spirit (yet). I know lots of cool people in their 30s and their lives aren't over, so I think it'll be okay. The sooner I accept that people get older and there's absolutely nothing we can do about it, the sooner I can skip over the personal crisis and enjoy the next step. 

But I'm still only 29. 365 more days to be in my 20s. And something tells me it's gonna be a great year.

Plus, my supervisor brought me doughnuts this morning, so it can't be that bad, right?

The breakfast of rapidly aging champions.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! I hope you had a great day! Your 30's aren't that bad. Really. I'm now in my (gasp!) mid-30's, and quite frankly, it's pretty awesome. Live up your 365 days remaining in your 20's, but your 30's have some pretty great years in them, too. Trust me. Cheers to a great year!


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