The Warriors

I feel like I got run over by a bus. A bus filled with T-Rexes and overweight hippos.

On Saturday, I did a Warrior Dash.

For those of you not in the know, the Warrior Dash is the country's biggest obstacle race series. The race is around 3.1 miles (though no one really measures) and has 12 different obstacles and lots and lots of mud. My sister asked if Clay and I were interested earlier in the summer. We said, "Hell yes!" and met her and her boyfriend on Saturday in Crawfordsville, Indiana and got soooooooooooo dirty!

The first mile or so of the race is running through the woods in what can only be described as a giant mud pit. Trying to navigate uneven terrain that is so muddy it threatens to pull your shoes off is tough! I'll admit that I was the first one to fall. I was also the first one to face-plant into slop and was definitely the dirtiest of our group ... until we had to wade through a mud pond and claw our way up and down hills made of, you guessed it, mud.

Other obstacles included crawling on our hands and knees under barbed wire, scaling a high wall (actually, several walls), jumping over fire, army crawling through mud tunnels and trying not to hurt yourself. The four of us managed to get banged and bruised (mostly from just falling), but thankfully no one sustained any major injuries.

Though Ashley did get mud flung in her eye by Chris and Clayton tried to grab for me when he fell and ended up punching me in the kidney. 

And it.



The squeaky clean before. (And I should note that Ashley designed our t-shirts.
They say "Kiss my -". Warrior Dash. Do you get it? DO YOU GET IT!?)
The soaking wet after. (This was after we got a "bath".)
And you got a free beer at the end.
And a sweet hat that will really make my fall wardrobe this year.

I cannot even being to tell you how impatient I am for the Warrior Dash people to post the official pics because I know there are some doozies (Ashley falling while she ran towards the fire pit? Priceless.).

The very end of the race has participants climb a rope ladder, walk across a skinny wooden beam while being blasted with water, then slide down a tall plastic slide into a deep basin of filthy, disgusting mud water.

Again, amazing.

Though not your typical foot race, this was Clayton's first 5K and I was darn near giddy to be doing something like this with him. We got to the large rope ladder at the very end of the course and before we started our journey up, Clayton looked at me and said, "Are you ready to finish this thing? Let's do it!" We totally had a moment. It was adorable. And I felt so proud.

Afterwards, we all jumped into a small pond and got blasted with hoses to help us get some of the ick out. While changing clothes in the car, I found mud in places you couldn't even being to imagine! 

This was probably one of the most fun physical activities I have ever done. It was dirty, it was gross, it was hard, but we laughed the whole way and just had a blast. It was so much fun doing something like this with my sister and I'm sure we'll be doing similar events together in the future.

Saturday's Warrior Dash made for an interesting training run on Sunday. My shins are bruised and I must have jarred myself a bit too hard when falling down or slamming into a wall because those 8 miles HURT. But I ran them all without any need for a walking break, so I'm pretty pleased. I feel a bit better about the half marathon training process as a whole now and realize that if I can run 8 solid miles the day after running through the mud for 3 hours, I got this thing on lock! (At least that's what I'll keep telling myself next Saturday when I run 10 miles.)

I hope you all had an awesome weekend, too!


  1. Jay and I did the Warrior Dash last year and had a blast! I wanted to do it this year but it didn't work out. I can't wait to do it next year! It sounds like some of the obstacles might have been a little different than last year. Did you have to climb through sunken boats in water that smelled very strongly of gasoline? That one concerned me a little bit last year!


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