The caving adventure

I usually have to fight the urge to start every blog post with, "Hello, lover!" because sometimes I forget that I'm not Carrie Bradshaw and you are not a pair of gorgeous shoes in a department store window.

Though you all are gorgeous.

Pardon the interruption in blog posts (I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for my absences nowadays. This writing career of mine has been a somewhat grounded lately.). As you know, a lot has been going on in my life and my busier schedule and personal obstacles don't really lend themselves to blogging all that much. Again, sorry.

The new car has been great, but it's in the shop right now. I know, I know. My new-to-me car is already having issues, but it's just a censor light that needs addressed and the dealership I purchased it from has been super cool about making repairs. It will be fine. (That's what I keep telling myself. I mean, the car is 10 years old, after all.) I asked Clayton if all of my car troubles is Karma coming back to me and he said it's probably just because I didn't purchase the Infinity G35.

We didn't buy the Infinity. Let it go, babe. Let it go.

^^I hate myself for posting that picture.

I do really like the Escape. It's nice to once again have a car that has all 4 hubcaps intact and I almost forgot how much I loved having trunk space (I used to own a Bravada). Although I must admit that I do feel a little pull on my heart strings every time I see a Pontiac G6 around town. 

As for work, we finally made it through the Welcome Week madness (which was actually just as much fun as it was stressful) and can now return to our regularly scheduled programming. I'm not being cheeky; I truly mean programming. My job as assistant director is to help plan and implement campus activities and programs, and we can now move full speed ahead. We have a good hold on September events, and now we're looking ahead to October.

Since my director and I put in so many early and late night hours during Welcome Week (bitches get things done!), we took full advantage of our Labor Day weekend and I got caught up on so much sleep. Seriously, isn't sleeping the best thing ever?

Over Labor Day weekend, Clayton and I took an overnight road trip with Dan and Emily to Cave City, Kentucky to hike, tour Mammoth Cave and hit up some of the distilleries along the bourbon trail. It was hot and muggy and a little rainy, but when you're 310 feet underground, the weather doesn't really matter.

The entire time we were touring the cave, I couldn't stop thinking about what it was like for the Native Americans who discovered it. How far in did they go in the first time? As of today, there are over 400 miles of discovered cave and they suspect a whole lot more we haven't found yet!

Our tour guide was amazing! So funny and SO, SO good at his job.

(By the way, that kid in the blue shirt coughed on me the whole time. What parent brings their child down into a 55°F cave when they're sick?)

^^Some of the best people we know. (Dan's face in this picture is everything)

Kentucky is gorgeous!

"Heaven, I'm in heaven. And my heart beats so that I can hardly speeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeak." ♬♬

Free samples!

The rest of the weekend was spent laboring which now that I think about it, is probably the opposite of what we should have been doing over Labor Day weekend. But the garden got WAY out of hand in the past few weeks and so many of our tomatoes were damaged and ruined from critters and thunderstorms, I spent several hours just pulling everything out. Then I pulled weeds in the front yard like it's my job ... which it isn't. I didn't get paid a thing for that labor. 

I also did some weekend running as I am officially in training mode for November's Monumental Half Marathon (woohoo! Bring on the chaffed thighs and constant craving for french fries!). The heat these past couple of weeks has put a huge damper on my running and it should be no surprise that I am once again yo-yo'ing the fear that I've lost my mojo and won't do well in the upcoming race. You know, just my normal training routine. 

How have you all been? Leave me a comment and let me know what's going on in your life! How are you feeling about summer almost being over? Dreading winter? Or already dreaming of pumpkin spice and warm, fuzzy scarves?