So apparently blender pancakes are a thing

I love pancakes. HARD. I love pancakes HARD. The only time I'd ever turn down a pancake is if someone offered me a waffle instead. And if you cover either of those 2 things in whipped cream? It's over for me. I will die a carb-y, whipped-creamy death ... and rest assured, I will die happy.

That being said, if we all ate whatever we wanted to all the time, we'd all have diabetes and be unable to fit in normal sized pants. That's just a fact. All of the best things in life are fattening (and this is coming from a hardcore veggie lover. Even I can acknowledge that I'd rather have a pizza 99% of the time. It's called having will power ... and kind of hating yourself.)

So I rely on the chefs and health nuts in the blogging community to take my favorite sinfully-bad-for-you favorites and find healthier, almost-as-delicious alternatives. The other day I randomly found some article about the best blender foods (which I initially thought was a collection of recipes for people without teeth) and skimmed through until I saw Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes.

You had me at "pancakes" (never mind all of the words in front of it). I had to give it a try.

Luckily, this was one of those recipes that I happened to have everything on hand for except for fresh nanners, so Sunday night I decided to give the pancakes a whirl and made them with a side of turkey sausage for dinner.

Like your mom, This recipe is easy. 

You simply combine the above ingredients and pulse in a blender. My blender crapped out on me a number of years ago, so I just used my food processor. Pulse until ingredients resemble a fine smattering of breastfed baby vomit and fry on a well-oiled skillet, flipping the pancake after about a minute.

I wish I could say we loved these pancakes, but we didn't. Banana Oat Greek Yogurt Pancakes aren't terrible, but they really don't have much taste. While the texture was similar enough to that of a pancake (maybe a bit mushier), anyone who knows what real pancakes taste like would probably get pissy if they were served these. Even covering them in butter and syrup didn't do much for the flavor. Honestly, Clayton and I had a few bites and then I just made French toast instead.

As much as I wanted to love this healthier take on a classic, decadent breakfast food, I just wasn't a fan. Whole wheat pancakes I could eat for days. These? Not so much.

Sorry, blender pancakes.