Let's talk about running, shall we? (I can already hear the sound of dozens of computer mice furiously clicking out of this post.) But I'm a runner. I run. I talk about it.

I've just started training for my 8th half marathon and this time around, I'm trying a new 3-day training plan. For past half marathons, I've used a schedule that had me running 4 times a week, but this fall I'm aiming for quality runs over quantity. The plan incorporates a lot of speed work so I can get the most out of my workouts and I gotta say, I'm crushing those runs.

It's the long runs that are killing me.

The long distance struggle is REAL. It got super hot the last few weekends (we're talking heat indexes of almost 100°) and I want so badly to blame my slow, cumbersome distance runs on the heat, but I can't say with 100% certainty that the weather is the culprit. I'm not sure what the problem is. It's not for a lack of trying (believe me, I'm beyond diligent with my workouts), my body is just like, "Nah" after about 40 minutes. And the scares the dickens out of me. This is my thing. Why is it suddenly so hard? I know running has an ebb and flow, but now is NOT the time to be ebbing!

I have an 8-mile run this Sunday and 8-milers used to be NOTHING to me (especially when I was training for the full marathon), but now it sounds kind of exhausting. I'm nervous about it.

And it's kind of funny (read: annoying) that my speed work is coming along so amazingly well while my distance is suffering. One always comes at the expense of the other. Always. I never seem fortunate enough to experience the best of both worlds at the same time.

I want to believe that this is just par for the course, that this is a normal part of the training process. Without going back through my post history, I think it's safe to say I've had this conversation with you while training for the first 7 half marathons, too. BUT WHAT IF IT'S DIFFERENT THIS TIME?! WHAT IF THIS TIME IT'S NOT IN MY HEAD AND I ACTUALLY NOW SUCK AT RUNNING? WHAT IF I CAN'T MAKE IT THROUGH THE HALF MARATHON IN NOVEMBER WITHOUT WALKING!?

Ugh, let's talk about something positive.

Yesterday I ran on our YMCA's outdoor track/trail while Clayton got his weightlifting on inside the building. I jogged for about .75 miles to warm up, then I did 5x400s at slightly faster than 5k pace. My body is getting so comfortable with running faster, even my recovery jogs in between sprints were impressive (to me). Most importantly, I completed the workout feeling hella strong.

Now if only I could run that fast and with that much confidence for 13.1 miles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the YMCA's outdoor track and right now it's completely overgrown with wildflowers and bumble bees. I seriously felt like I was running through a Flonase™ commercial.

 I will die of humiliation if anyone ever actually catches me taking post-run selfies.

Give this runner girl some advice on how to get out of her long-distance slump! Please and thank you!


  1. Try some really easy runs for a break. A lot of the time you'll run stronger in your harder workouts. Or you can do interval runs where you blend both. Run each interval (200m 400m 600m 800m 1000m 1200m 1600m) as fast as, if not faster, than the interval before. Take 400m jog breaks between each interval.

    :) Hope you get it sorted out


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