Football party

Oh my goodness, I was soooooooooooo excited about last night! Most of you (especially those that are married to sports-obsessed men or are sports-obsessed themselves) are probably aware that last night was the official kickoff to the 2014-2015 NFL season and if you're like me, you don't particularly care (I'm a fair weather football fan who only comes alive during playoffs, I can admit it). But my husband cares. He cares a lot. Clayton has been plotting his fantasy football team and researching players and staying caught up on injuries since, like, the day after last year's Super Bowl. Football is his thing.

And though I don't particularly care for the sport myself, I love that my husband is so passionate about it and one way that I made sure the experience was even better for him (and more tolerable for me) was to throw him a mini kickoff party. Last night I filled our home with all sorts of Clayton's favorite sports-watching nosh.

I made Clayton Crock Pot BBQ cocktail wienies (he loves them and has seriously been asking for them for weeks!), crescent roll pizzas and cookies n' cream dip for dessert. There's nothing healthy about this meal at all, but hey, it's football season!

Cocktail wienies are pretty self explanatory (mix a pack of wienies with bbq sauce and cook on high for 2 hours) and the crescent roll pizzas are simply crescent rolls baked with a few pepperonis and a halved piece of string cheese, but the cookies n' cream dip? A bit more goes into that.

I found the recipe for the dip here and I made a straight-up MESS of my kitchen trying to coat the football in cocoa powder. It was pretty darn yummy. I licked the bowl of my mixer clean afterwards.

Clayton seemed pretty content with his football and snacks, so I excused myself to the guest room to watch Can't Buy Me Love with Patrick Dempsey. A pretty good night for both of us. 

Hope you guys have an awesome Friday and I will see you all next week! (And by "see" I mean I might post something and you might read it later.)