Everything old is new again

I'm delaying cleaning Kevin's cage and writing a blog post for tomorrow instead (that will actually be "today" by the time you see it) because ... poop. I don't want to touch poop.

Right now, Kevin is cruising in his plastic orange ball and exploring the house while Joey trails curiously behind him. Every so often, Joey will nudge Kevin's ball with his nose, sending Kevin upside down as the ball picks up momentum and rolls furiously down the hallway. All the while, Kevin's little chinchilla poops are rotating in his ball with him, making him sound like a maraca.

And I probably haven't stopped laughing for a solid 5 minutes.

If you want continuous entertainment in your home, do yourself a favor and get a chinchilla. You and your beagle will not regret it.

Could Joey BE ANY CUTER?!!!!! Check out Joey's garden pics:

Our tomatoes took a hit in some of the bad summer storms, so I unfortunately had to clean out our garden boxes early. However, we still have our mini pumpkin patch going strong!

 Look! I grew something!

And truthishly, Joey is just happy to have his garden boxes back for beagle digging adventures.

I hope some people got that Family Guy reference.

In other Courtney news, I ditched the ombre and went back to my roots ... literally. Clayton was very polite when I first lightened the ends of my hair, but I know it wasn't his favorite look for me. Last week I asked my stylist to get back to my natural color (with some lowlights for dimension) and was in shock when she was done! I mean, I've had dark hair my whole life, but my hair had been lighter for almost a year and it was such a contrast to what I'd been seeing in the mirror all these months, I didn't recognize myself. It almost looks black to me! I was really nervous that darker hair would make my light, I-didn't-make-it-to-the-beach-this-summer skin look even pastier. And it does. But in a weird way, it makes my complexion look better.

I was feeling sassy after my teeth-cleaning at the dentist this morning and snapped a selfie to show my readers the new me (that's really the old me, but whatever). I'm pleased as pie to proudly announce that I did absolutely zero editing to this photo and for once my skin just looks decent. Which is hilarious because I actually have a horrendous PMS breakout on my chin right now that luckily didn't show up in the photo (I attribute that to the dreary day natural lighting).

I think I'm ready for fall!

If you could dye your hair ANY color (regardless of your profession, lifestyle, etc.), what could would it be? I'm pretty sure a lot of you could rock pink highlights!