Courtney Confessions

MTV's Awkward is one of my favorite guilty pleasures. I'm not sure what indulging in high school melodrama says about me as a person, but I just can't help myself. Clayton's watching cool shoes like Blacklist and Gotham, while I'm over here like, "DOES MATTY STILL HAVE FEELINGS FOR JENNA EVEN THOUGH HE KNOCKED UP THAT CONNIVING BLONDE FROM NYC ON THE SENIOR SKI TRIP!?"

I've graduated into flat shoes. I used to **hate** flat shoes. In fact, as weird as it sounds, I only felt comfortable wearing dress pants if I was teetering on a pair of pumps. Flat shoes with my dress slacks didn't look or feel right, but moving into a department where I'm up and down from my desk so much, flats are now reigning supreme in my closet. Now if I could only wear jeans to work, then we'd be in business.

Kevin eats his own poop. That's more of a Kevin Confession than it is a Courtney Confession, but I definitely caught him double-fisting his own turds the other day. I was equal parts grossed out and impressed by his resourcefulness.

This might sound bananas, but I mute the TV when people kiss onscreen. I don't know why, but people kissing totally grosses me out when you can hear the smacking, spitty sounds of their lips pulling apart. It's tolerable in movies and scripted shows because directors choreograph those scenes to unrealistic perfection, but reality TV with people wearing mics that pick up every little breath and sound? Staph! Even when I kiss my own husband, I'm like, "Sorry my mouth makes noise."

Do you have anything to get off your chest today?