The sunny disposition and optimism I was sporting on Monday evening took a quick nose dive. Yesterday I learned (by my own persistent calling and following-up) that my beloved Pontiac G6 was considered totaled and that the at-fault's insurance would not pay for such expensive repairs.

I was/am crushed. CRUSHED, I tell you. That Pontiac was my favorite, longest-owned vehicle and it became mine for no reason other than I really wanted it and my husband wanted me to have it. In retrospect it would certainly be considered an impulse purchase, but probably the best impulse purchase ever.

And it all happened so fast! After the insurance guy came to asses the damage to my car, I never heard from them. Not one to sit by idly (especially when I'm the one being inconvenienced), I ended up stalking the claim's adjuster to see what was going on. I got a voicemail that she was on vacation until August 25th. Um. Hellz no. So I called the general insurance line and finally reached someone who knew about my claim and that's when I was told my car was totaled.

First of all, lovely of you to tell me that information before now.

And secondly, WHAT? This was not in my plan.

By late last night, I had surrendered the title to my car, received a personal check for its estimated value, and had it cleaned out and ready for the towing company. As I cleaned the remaining safety pins from my glove box (after running over 20 races, I'm somewhat of a collector of race bib safety pins), I sat in my car and sobbed giant, self-indulgent crocodile tears. I may have even stroked the steering wheel out of affection.

I said my goodbyes and backed my car out of the garage and into the driveway, the very last time I'll ever drive Gia the G6.

When I was making arrangements with the towing company, I asked them what was going to happen to her.

"We'll tow the car up to Indianapolis so it can be scrapped for parts," he replied.

"Is there any way I'd be able to know what cars her parts went to? You know, for closure and to know that she lived on in some small way?"


No one understands me.

Now I'm being tasked with the responsibility to go out and buy a new car. I don't want to look for a new car because I don't want a new car. Clayton and I have found a few options, but nothing is getting me that excited. Just give me something reliable (and cute. I do require it to be cute) so I can return the monstrous 2015 Chevy Tahoe I was given for a rental. A Chevy Tahoe. You know, the super practical car all girls who were recently in an accident and are scared to drive want.

Life happens, but man! None of this was my fault! I practically bounced off the 2 other SUVs involved in the accident and neither of them have more than a scratch. The guy who caused the accident said to me, "I'm getting married in a month. This is terrible timing!" Why? Because your insurance premium might go up a little bit? I lost my entire car. Enjoy your nuptials, butthole.

But we bought a cardboard cutout of Captain America to help advertise our campus Movie Night next week, so I guess this week wasn't a total loss.

Happy weekend, everyone.