The new car

I have a new car.

And I bought it in the most Courtney way possible.

As you know from last Friday's post, my beloved G6 was totaled and I basically held the at-fault's insurance company at gunpoint until they wrote me a check for the deceased's value. I've been running errands like a madwoman at work and there is no way I could rely on Clayton for rides back and forth when he has his own job and his own responsibilities. So we needed to get me into a different car and it needed to happen in the next day or so.

Being the obsessive individual that I am, I made arrangements to see 3 different cars on Friday after work. The first car was so icky and so NOT what was shown in the pictures online (I mean seriously, it looked like the owner repainted it with blood), I made up a quick excuse and fled the scene because I couldn't bring myself to be polite when I had been so grossly deceived.

Before I went to see either of the other 2 remaining cars on my list, I happened to drive past a tiny auto dealer that I visited back in college when I had to sell my Bravada. I noticed they had a little Jetta for sale and judging by the price written on its windshield, it was right up my alley. Clayton met me at the dealership and we took her for a test drive.

She was okay. I wasn't in love. Foreign vehicles definitely handle a little bit differently and I just wasn't a fan.

After parking the Jetta (and before I was even out of the car), I asked the owner if I could test drive the Infinity G35 parked next to it. The price was slightly higher than what I was looking for, but it was still within our budget.

Clayton fell in love. I was seriously jealous of the car for a hot minute because Clayton was clearly in heaven while we were test-driving it. According to Clayton and the car dealer and a bunch of other people I tuned out that day because I don't care about anything other than if it's cute and reliable, the Infinity is comparable to a Mercedes. It was V6 with all leather and chrome detail and handled beautifully. I personally couldn't get over that it had a clock with Roman numerals on the dashboard (I don't need to think when I drive, thanks), but otherwise it seemed pretty cool. I admittedly got caught up in the fantasy of having a luxury-esque vehicle and we decided to go for it.

We went into the office and got the Carfax information and discussed prices. We started filling out the paperwork to make that beautiful ride ours, but right as we were about to write the check, I looked out the window and said, "Um, I kind of like that Ford Escape, too."

I think that's the only time Clayton's ever looked at me murderously, and it's a look I'll never forget. "Don't worry, don't worry," I pacified, making my way back out to the lot. "I'm just gonna look at it."

A few minutes later, I poked my head back inside the office and said, "Don't worry, don't worry. I'm just gonna test drive it."

15 minutes later: "Yeah, I want the Ford Escape."

Do you ever just know? It happened to me. I looked inside the Ford Escape and was immediately taken by the tan cloth interior (we have a dog after all; the leather interior of the Infinity wouldn't fare so well with doggie nails). I also liked that it had a simple dashboard with minimal buttons and a digital clock.

It just felt right, ya know? I sat in the car and felt comfortable, like this car was me. As nice of the Infinity is, I'm not a flashy girl. Plus, I have no business driving a V6 ... ever.

Clayton couldn't stop reiterating that he wasn't upset I chose the Ford Escape over the Infinity (though he did say it through gritted teeth the first few times). He just wants me to be happy. Plus, he's also pleased that I went with an SUV and won't have to worry so much about my safety (I'm still slightly anxious to drive). But first and foremost, he just wants me to be happy.

I tend to feed off of other people's excitement and I'm likely to choose what I know someone else will like. That speaks volumes about my people-pleasing nature (and self-esteem issues). So I think I got excited about the Infinity because Clayton was excited. But the Ford Escape? That made me excited.

By the time we finished up the paper work, Clayton and I were both so mentally and physically exhausted from all of the car stuff (compounded with back-to-school craziness at both of our jobs) we went straight to Bob Evans stuffed our faces with pancakes.

We picked up my new car on Saturday after I got off work (again, work craziness) and this morning I took my first car selfie (I know, I hate me, too) before I headed to the grocery store to pick up 24 dozen doughnuts at 6:00 a.m. for our students.


  1. I love the Escape! I'm on my second one!! Yay, so happy for you!!!


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