The calm after the storm

So ... sorry for not posting for several days. I'm pretty sure that last week was my week from hell (personally) and then this week and next week will be chaotic professionally (but hopefully not personally. I need a break. For reals.)

As I left you in my last post, I had a car accident and was super rash-y last week (then again, when am I not rash-y? That's probably going to be on my tombstone: She had bad skin.) My face was so swollen you couldn't even tell I had cheekbones and now the swelling and redness is gone, but I'm just left with tons and tons of flaky skin. The good news? Burning off the top few layers of my skin totally lightened a dark spot I have. So ... I guess it was a personal victory.

On top of not having a car and having the face of a puffer fish, I got sick. Both my supervisor and I came down with horrid colds on Thursday and even though we pushed through another long day of training (with her blowing her nose every few minutes and my not being able to talk because my throat was so sore), we were sent home on Friday and it was demanded that we get some rest.

Needless to say, I spent my weekend on the couch or in bed. I picked up several Jane Green novels from the library (my sister is a huge fan of hers and got me hooked) and buried my nose in a book for most of Saturday. Clayton then took advantage of my feebleness by forcing me to watch the cinematic achievement that is Gone in 60 Seconds. My only takeaway from the film is that Angelina Jolie mostly looks greasy and no one should ever make out with Nicholas Cage, ever.

On a random side note: Whilst watching the movie in our living room with the lights off (because everything we do in our house is done sexily), I happened to glance at the arm chair by the TV and spotted a little fluffy critter scurrying underneath it. Hmmm, that looks like Kevin, I thought dismissively, refocusing my attention back on Angelina Jolie's bleach blonde dreadlocks. Wait a second. I looked back to the chair. THAT IS KEVIN. Somehow our little ball o' fluff managed to escape from his cage and go on what can only be described as a "pooping spree" down the hallway. His cage is completely metal, so the only conclusion Clayton and I can come up with is that we didn't secure the lock when we cleaned out his litter tray earlier in the day.

But the little turd chewed on one of my books (one that I own, not one from the library) during his adventure and I have to say, I'm not pleased. It's a good thing he's adorable and has wittle tiny hands that are so cute, I have to fight the urge not to squish him.

 Safe in his cage, where he should be.

As of today, I can finally breathe out of both of my nostrils and the insurance provider of the guy who hit my car has accepted full liability of the accident, so I have to say that things are improving.Yesterday (Monday) was the first time I was able to run more than 5 minutes without feeling like I was going to fall over from being so lightheaded and my appetite came (mostly) back.

So we keep on keepin' on! Now that things are getting back on track, I'll hopefully have some better posts in the near future ... posts about food and chinchillas and Joey and Clayton.