Let's talk about the ranch

Hello, friends. It's been awhile!

As I mentioned last week, I spent all of Monday and Tuesday and part of Wednesday at a little ranch in Nashville, Indiana to assist with our Student Ambassador training program. I was initially nervous about the experience because I've never helped train anyone (I'm usually the trainee), but the students were so much fun, I had absolutely nothing to worry about. We had several small sessions of information peppered with fun get-to-know-you games and activities. We did yoga to gangster rap and made everyone watch Pitch Perfect. We enjoyed good ol' country breakfasts and had the most amazing BLTs made with fried green tomatoes. We even went on a nighttime zip lining tour that ended up actually being more fun than the first time I went back in July.


Things somewhat derailed from there and I won't lie to you, this has been a tough week.

On Tuesday morning, I woke up at the ranch feeling very hot and flushed in the face. I checked myself out in the mirror and noticed that my face looked a little bumpy and was covered in red patches. I chalked it up to the new, stronger acne cleanser I used for the first time the night before and went about my day.

Then I woke up on Wednesday morning to discover one of my eyelids was swollen and my skin looked thicker and more scaly than before. When I tried to speak, I had difficulty talking around my swollen cheeks. I was embarrassed, so I skipped breakfast and hoped my condition would calm down as the day progressed.

We arrived back to campus to continue our training and I broke free for a little bit to go purchase movie tickets as a special treat later in the evening. We'd been working hard the last few days and the students needed to do something and relaxing, so my boss and I decided we should take them to see Let's Be Cops.

While I was sitting in traffic waiting for the red light to change, I happened to glance in my rear view mirror and noticed that a car was coming up behind me and they were coming up fast.

I thought,
"Man, that car is coming in hot.
They're not slowing down.

Well, guess what? He hit me. And sent my car flying into the back bumper of the car in front of me. I got impact from both sides and did exactly what anyone else like me would have done in that situation:


I kept screaming to myself, "I HAVE SO MUCH TO DO TODAY!"

The back of my car is a hot mess. I probably need an entire new back of my car. The front didn't sustain nearly as much damage, but it is bent and still probably expensive, too. The impact was hard enough that it even broke my seat.

From the time the police arrived to the time they finished taking all three driver's statements, I felt like I had to rush back to work. Our department is so busy right now, I felt like my accident was a huge inconvenience and I felt insanely guilty for some reason.

When I returned to work, the Vice Chancellor interrupted one of my training sessions and said, "You really need to go to the doctor. You need to take care of yourself." While I truly appreciated his concern, people were making my accident out to be a bigger issue than I thought and were honestly starting to freak me out. I had a headache and a few moments of wooziness, so after one of our sessions, I excused myself to my office to sit down and regroup for a few minutes. I called my mom to check in with her and she scared me into going to the doctor. "Fine, I'll go."

Clayton drove me to the doctor and I checked out okay. There was no concussion, only whiplash, and I was prescribed the usual cocktail of pain medication to help me with the inevitable soreness.

Today I really feel it. Yesterday's adrenaline prevented my body from feeling what happened to it, but today it is fully aware. Plus, I woke up with both eyes swollen and my face looks like someone came at it with a cheese grater.

A well-meaning co-worker stopped me this morning and said, "Are you doing something different with your make-up? Your face looks different."

Nope, that's just my face now. But thanks.

The Chancellor approached me and asked me why I was at work today. I'm not one to call in sick all willynilly, so it didn't make sense for me to not come in today because of my stiffness and looking like Freddy Kruger. I'm still capable of functioning like this; it's just not very fun.

And I had a cupcake, so it's all good.

But yes, that's been my week so far. I have muscle relaxers for the evening and Benadryl for the day, so I can't even enjoy a glass of wine to take the edge off of this whole mess.

Please keep your fingers crossed that all goes smoothly with the insurance companies and I can get my car fixed (and not totaled) sooner rather than later.