First Weekend in August Recap


Well, maybe not the best weekend in the history of forever, but definitely one of the better in awhile!

Clayton and I had one of those weekends that had so much good stuff going on, Saturday night actually felt like Sunday night. So when we woke up on Sunday morning we were like, "Heck yes! One more day!"

On Friday night, we attended the opening of one of my friend's new studio/office space and it was amazing! How much that girl has accomplished at such a young age is awe-inspiring. Sometimes I feel weird being friends with her because I'm pretty sure she is way too cool for me.

After hanging out at the party for a bit, Clay and I hit the grocery store for snack provisions and snuggled on the couch (i.e. I ate a bag of Lay's Wasabi and Ginger potato chips and promptly fell asleep).

Saturday morning was dedicated to household chores. While pulling the mountain of weeds in our front yard flower bed, Clayton realized it was our official one-year anniversary of purchasing our house. How did we celebrate? We continued to pull weeds and listened to gangster rap on my cell phone.

After our to-do list was complete, Clayton and I attended the 4th annual Uncork the Uplands event at Oliver Winery's Creekbend Vineyard. Uncork the Uplands is the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail's signature event and is the opportunity for all 9 South-Central Indiana wineries along the trail to come together and offer fans the opportunity to sample them all in one location. Creekbend Vineyard is simply breathtaking and Clayton and I caught ourselves staring off into the distance several times, soaking in the summer atmosphere and relishing the moment.

(For longtime readers of this blog, Creekbend Vineyard is where they hold the Vines, Pines and Inclines race every year.)

Guests were given their own keepsake wine glass for sampling and took a scenic stroll through rows of grape vines to get to the large white tents housing the wine and food. You know what pairs well with award-winning wines? BBQ and live music.

We were smitten.

Wine makes me love everyone anyway, but I was REALLY feeling the love by the time we left.

After wine tasting in picturesque Creenbend Vineyard, Clayton and I took a quick tour of the county fair. Clayton got stung by a hornet on our only free evening during the work week, so this was our first opportunity to walk around the fairgrounds. Much to my dismay, all of the animals were already packed up and put away, so the only thing left to do was eat.

And eat we did!

You can't live in Indiana if you don't love tenderloin sandwiches. It's an unspoken rule.

I woke up early-for-me on Sunday morning to sneak in a 5-mile run before it got too hot. Half marathon training won't be in full-swing until the end of August, so I'm enjoying my shorter runs while I can! After sweating my lady balls off for almost an hour, I got cleaned up so we could meet Dan and Emily for brunch at the Runcible Spoon (I think this weekend's theme was "food".)

The owner and head chef at the Runcible Spoon is also the chef that led the cooking classes Clayton and I took over the past few years. This was our first time dining in his actual restaurant and the farm-to-table food and atmosphere is just as cozy as I'd hoped it would be! I had a giant bowl of fresh fruit with yogurt and homemade granolaperfect for a summer morning!

I also harvested my very first green pepper from our garden on Sunday! (And when I say "harvested', I mean that I found it laying on the ground because it fell off the vine). I included the wittle pepper in meal prep this week for my work lunches!

Yup, I think it's safe to say I like my veggies. I combined the above with salt, pepper, cilantro and a splash of lime juice and apple cider vinegar. I also added some yellow sweet corn because why not?

Back to the grind today and already looking forward to next weekend. 

Happy Monday!