Coffee Date

If you and I were having coffee this morning, here's what I'd share with you:

I didn't have coffee this morning, so this feels like a lie.

But I did take Mr. Bizzles to the vet this a.m. for his yearly exam. I'll admit, before every vet visit I suffer from a little bit of anxiety because I'm always super nervous that they'll find something wrong with him. I'm not taking Joey's age in stride. The other day Clayton and I were talking about retirement plans and I burst into tears at the realization that I will not have Joey when I'm an old woman.

Reality: I don't handle it well.

The good news is that Joey's happy and healthy. Everything checked out A-Okay and our vet's only suggestion was to dial back the amount of food we give him so he can lose a pound or two. His short, stocky body structure makes it very difficult to gauge if he's at a healthy weight, but our vet said he'd be perfect if he dropped just a smidgen of weight (which I only took mild offense to because I think he's perfect no matter what).

I would also tell you that I tried a new recipe this week and while it sounded good on paper, it didn't translate too well onto my dinner plate. I made Thai Turkey Meatballs (a recipe a la Pinterest) and despite following all of the recipe's instructions, I just was not a fan of the final product. I was excited to have an excuse to buy both fish sauce and chili garlic sauce (you're talking to a BIG lover of Thai cuisine), but the texture of the meatballs put my gag reflexes to the test. I love substituting turkey meat for tacos, soups and casseroles, but the last few times I've used ground turkey in big chunks (burgers, meatloafs, etc.), it just ended up way too mushy. Clayton and I politely flushed our meatballs down the garbage disposal and ate Cheese-Its for dinner instead.

I'd probably share the story about using the self-cleaning feature on my oven for the first time this week and how I was so put off by the high-intensity heat and fumes it emitted, I made Joey and Clayton leave the house because I was afraid everyone was going to die from toxic gas.

I'd also tell you that having my own garden is probably one of the most exciting things that happened to me this summer (it's been a slow summer). Plucking a green pepper directly from the vine and eating it that very day is as satisfying as it is fulfilling.

Speaking of summer, I'd most likely disclose that I have a huge itch to travel. This summer didn't pan out for vacationing and it's been over 2 years since I last put my toes in the ocean. I want to see everything and explore what's beyond my home state, but budgets and work schedules don't always allow for that kind of freedom, and I'm disappointed that I had to settle for a staycation this year. I keep pinning places to see on Pinterest, but looking at images of cool places isn't quite the same as actually being there and soaking it all in.

Finally, I'd tell you that I'm equal parts nervous and excited for next week. My new position at work requires me to assist with the training of student workers and on Monday and Tuesday, I will be at a small ranch outside of the city getting to know the students and teaching them everything they need to know to perform their duties at the college. After staying two nights at the ranch, we'll come right back to the college for even more training and I won't see Clayton from early Monday morning until Wednesday evening around midnight. I hate the idea of being away from him for three days, but I'm also excited to see what this experience will do for me both professionally and personally.

So if my communication is spotty next week, you'll know why. Our department is cray balls in August and we're plugging away at getting Welcome Week organized as well as making sure all of our student workers are ready to rock n' roll once the semester begins. My new role is heavily saturated with event planning and overseeing student groups and activities. It's a bit nuts right now, but I'm loving it!

Now all I can think about is how much I'd love a cup of coffee. This rainy, gray afternoon certainly beckons a hot, steamy mug of java.