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Many of you many have noticed that my blog banner recently changed from "Notably Neurotic" to "Courtney in Progress" (because I have incredibly astute readers). This is because I've started to question if titling my blog "Notably Neurotic" has pigeonholed me into a very tiny blogging area. I mean, yes, neuroticism is definitely at the forefront of my personality, but sometimes I get tired of shining a spotlight on how incapable I am of handling daily life without exploding into a ball of anxiety and obsessiveness.

I ran the idea by Clayton (i.e. I told him I already purchased a new domain name for a cool $1) and I was caught totally off-guard by his reaction. I expected a dismissive, "Ok, whatever floats your boat"-type of reaction because Clayton is a man of few words, especially words involving the blogging world. But his visceral exclamation of, "WHAT!??? WHY!????" totally threw me off. Me changing my blog's identity is apparently likened to that of stepping on a baby seal.

"I love the name of your blog. It's so you. That's why I love you!" he said, defending why I should keep the name Notably Neurotic.

"Well, if that's the reason why you love me, then I feel really sorry for you." I replied lamely.

So I guess I'm putting my feelers out there to see if anyone else would have any objections to my changing the name of this blog. I considered Courtney in Progress because I feel it's a more accurate summation of how I live my life. Anyone who is actively trying to become a better version of themselves (with each individual's definition of "better" being completely subjective), could call themselves a work in progress. I feel like I have so much to learn and so much I want to improve upon as a person (I've got oodles and oodles of room for personal growth), making the title wholly fitting.

But I've been writing under Notably Neurotic since 2009 (holy balls, that's 5 years now) and I don't know if I want to mess with a good thing. (But what if that good thing could become better?!)

Ugh, I don't know.

Maybe I should just title this blog "UtterlyUndecided.com"

Ooo! Actually, I kind of like that.





  1. I feel your pain. I've been struggling with changing the name of my blog, too. What started out as a stitching-only blog has morphed into where I show everyone all the other stuff I make, plus a little baking and traveling. Since it's not so niched anymore, I want to change the name to make it more....me. Although it's rare to see me without a mug of coffee in my hand, I still thing a name change is in order (an order? I never know what the correct phrase is.).

    I like your Notably Neurotic name. Gives your blog a really unique and true-to-you title. We all have our neuroses (you're afraid of giant squid, I'm 1000000% sure camel crickets are going to be the next biblical plague. mark my words.), and the fact that you're proudly proclaiming it right from the start is awesome.

  2. The more I thought about the blog name change, the more I realized that I was mostly bored with the layout and wanted to try something different. So maybe that's where you're struggling, too? What some of my friends pointed out to me on Facebook was that even thought "Notably Neurotic" only addresses one facet of my personality, the blog as a whole is me and since it's my blog, I can write about my obsessiveness one day and then spend a week talking about soup. It's my choice because it's ALL me. It's my prerogative. *cue Bobby Brown*

    And thank you! I've decided to stick with the name. It's not all of me, but it's so VERY me.

    Camel crickets?! What are those and how do I make sure one never touches me?

  3. First of all, the new header is amazing. The pic threw me back to circa 1989 getting my school pic taken, after having spent the night sleeping in pink curlers, only to have the curls fall out by about 5 min after I got to school. And yes! It doesn't have to be all-encompassing! The title is very you.

    Maybe you're right - maybe the layout is really what I'm struggling with. Maybe I just need to do a complete overhaul of the graphics. I'll def give that a thought.

    Oh, my friend. Google them. Be prepared to be horrified. These are not normal crickets. Normal crickets just annoy you with their endless sound, and if you come near them, they hop on out of your way and go find someplace to hide. These mutant creatures don't make any sounds, they're brown, they're HUGE, and HOP AT YOU when you come near them. Their legs look like spider legs, and they're 5000x creepier. Mutants, I tell you. They will be the next plague.

    There was one in my basement tonight when I went down to do laundry. I almost lit my house on fire to make sure it never came at me again.


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