Weekend Recap

You may have continued to notice changes to the blog. I kept the name, but I shuffled the color scheme, added some doodads to the home page and updated some of my secondary pages. It's good to clean house every once and awhile, isn't it?

Welp, it's Monday, so that probably means you're here for a Weekend Recap.

Weekend Recaps are reliable, right? Kind of like adult acneit's always gonna be there.

First of all, let's get to the cutest part of the weekend: puppysitting.

Isn't Matilda precious?

She was the sweetest girl and had the most beautiful coloring (all of her siblings are black and white, but Matilda has brown on her legs and sooooooo many speckles on her feet. And you all know how I feel about speckled paws!) She was so playful, yet quick to snuggle. She scampered around til all hours of the night (literally) and took full advantage of our fenced in backyard. She and Joey roamed for hours outside!

These pictures remind me of how badly we need to plant some grass this fall.

Our Joey has a really hard time accepting dogs on his home turf. As much as I always liked having more than one dog growing up, we waited far too long to explore that possibility with Joey. He's set in our ways, we're set in our ways; our boy is definitely an only child and nothing made that more clear to us than this weekend! We were sad to see her go, but Joey was suddenly much happier when he realized our little guest was temporary.

On Saturday afternoon, Clayton and I spent some time together partaking in a very rare activity: strolling through the mall. That morning I had made mention that I needed to return an item and had a hankering for an Auntie Anne's pretzel. Clayton filled me in on his plans for the day, but after snuggling with me on the couch for awhile he said the words, "I want to go the mall with you."

Now ladies, when you husband tells you that he wants to go to the mall with you, you don't ask questionsyou just go! Your husband expressing an interest in wandering through clothing stores with you is like seeing a unicorn, it's unreal and you don't want to startle it in fear that it will run away. I couldn't put my shoes on fast enough. I had him loaded into the car before he could change his mind.

After wandering in the mall, we enjoyed a pizza for dinner and I spent some time outside watching a storm roll in. Thunder rumbled softly in the distance for quite awhile before the heavens opened up and unleashed buckets of rain. This mild, rainy summer is definitely my cup of tea!

Refreshing evening thunderstorm aside, this weekend was HOT and I darn near drowned in my own sweat running on Saturday. I knocked out 5.5 miles on Saturday morning and then took it easy with 3 miles on Sunday in the comfort of our workout room's air conditioning. Two days in a row of almost passing out in the heat? I don't think so.

Here's a collage of me drinking a lot of water and being hot. It's a photographic essay I've titled "A Collage of Vanity". But seriously, it was hot. Even my eyeballs were sweating.

I'm in disbelief that July is pretty much over, but a small part of me is starting to look forward to fall. Every year, around February or March, I declare that I hate cold weather and I want it to be summer all the time. But every August, just like clockwork, I start to slowly come around and become enticed by the idea of sweaters and apple cider.

But I am going to enjoy taking evening walks in shorts and a t-shirt as much as I can while it lasts!