My Must-Haves

When a rep from Man Crates approached me to write a post about the things I absolutely cannot live with out, I was totally up for the challenge. (And contrary to popular belief, Man Crates doesn't actually ship a hunky man to your house in a wooden box. It's a fab company that takes the guesswork out of buying gifts for men.)

After verifying that I'm not allowed to shove Clayton and Joey into my box (giggity!), here is the list of 5 items I absolutely could not live without in my survival box.

1.) Chap stick. Applying lip balm is a compulsion for me. I keep a tube of Chap Stick (though preferably Burt's Bees) in every purse I own, in my office, in my car and in most rooms of my house. Most women conclude their daily grooming ritual with a spritz of perfume or body splash. I don't feel put together until I've smeared balm across my smackers. A few hours without it and my lips feel like the Sahara Desert. Side bonus: I have super soft lips. Seriously, you should make out with me sometime. But ask my husband first.

2.) Salt n' Vinegar potato chips. I am ride or die about salt n' vinegar chips. My mom and sister love them, too. If my mom buys a bag for a family get-together, they're gone in an hour. The very idea of salt n' vinegar chips makes Clayton gag (and he will oftentimes deny me kisses if I have recently partaken in them), so having a deserted island all to myself where I can munch and crunch and have all of the bad breath I want sounds amazing.

3.) Netflix Instant Watch. I like to be within arm's reach of Dunder Miflin or the Pawnee Parks and Rec department at all times. I have Netflix streaming to my cell phone, Kindle, laptop and Clayton's Xbox. Watching Family Guy on my phone calms me down when I have a panic attack in the middle of the night. I could survive without cable juuuuuuuuuuuuust fine if I had my Netflix.

4.) Sweatpants. When I get home from work, the pants come right off. If I had to choose just one item off of this as my absolute number one must-have, it would be sweatpants. I don't know what I would do without the comfort of baggy legs and an elastic waistband. Skinny days, fat days, I always feel amazing in the pants of sweat. That last bit of phrasing didn't come out as poetically as I had hoped.

5.) Books. I mean, duh. I may be obsessed with my shows on Netflix, but I am a bookworm first and foremost. Sometimes I have to dial back the amount of reading I do because once I get into a book, you won't hear from me until it's finished. Like most things I love in life, I binge and devour books all at once. Now, if you made me pick only ONE book for my survival box, I'd probably throw out the other 4 things and just take 5 books.

Leave me your list of MUST HAVE survival box essentials in the comments below for you chance to win ... the satisfaction of knowing you participated. I have nothing to give you.