Meet Kevin

Hi, kids!

Gosh, that sounds so condescending.

Hi, fully-functioning, literate adults!

That's better.

How are you on this fine Hump Day? I'm all kinds of awesome, I'm not gonna lie.

First of all, I think my bout with pityriasis rosea has finally come to an end. The chronic itching ceased over a week ago and whilst showing last evening, I was pleased to find that the one remaining patch of rash I had is now almost completely faded. Once again, I obsessed and worried myself stupid over something that came and went with little incident.

Secondly, we have a new, positively adorable member of the family. Everyone, I want you to meet Kevin.

Kevin is a gray chincilla and Kevin is precious. Kevin squeaks and Kevin poops like a champion. 

Why a chinchilla, you ask? Because we're still far from wanting kids and because Joey needs a companion during the day. Joey is almost 10 years old and for almost 10 years I've felt insanely guilty leaving him to go to class and in more recent years, leaving him to go to work. I'm not always granted a lunch break and knowing that there's another furry critter in the house to keep him company really eases this fur mama's mind!

Clayton and I discussed getting a chinchilla for a least a year now. Drawn to their comically big ears and adorable little hands (seriously, Kevin sometimes leans on my hand for support and will wrap his wee little fingers around my pinky. Talk about major cuteness overload.), we knew we could certainly love a chinchilla. Plus, chinchillas do not require regular vet visits, they're incredibly clean and the best part? NO POOP OR PEE SMELL. How do chinchillas bathe? In dust. They bathe in dust. 

Joey's jealously can't even handle a second dog, so Kevin will prove himself to be a great alternative. 

Clayton and I have checked out chinchillas on and off at the pet stores and over the weekend, I finally worked up the courage to ask to hold one. I was handed a tiny gray mass of fluff and within seconds, he tried to swan dive out of my arms and onto the ground below. The pet store owner complimented my reaction time as I caught the flailing chinchilla and asked me if I ever played softball.

"Yup. Over 10 years of fast pitch, most of those years spent behind the plate."

What little did he know, but my reaction to almost dropping the chinchilla was less about my years in sports and more about my fear of having to purchase something I let splatter on the ground. 

After having asked all of the possible questions one could ask about a rodent, Clayton and I continued our discussion of owning a chinchilla later in the car. We were both in agreement that we'd look into getting one in the near future. 

I had to work 12 hours on Monday (sometimes it just happens, but it's totally worth it for a job I LOVE), and when I came home from the office I was fully expecting Clayton to have a glass of wine poured and waiting for me. However, when I walked through the door, there was a little pet carrier sitting on the table next to my panic-stricken husband. "You're not supposed to be home for another half hour! It's not ready!"

But I didn't hear what he said after that because my shrieking hit such a high decibel. I'm actually surprised I didn't squish Kevin's little chinchilla bones as I pranced around the house with him clutched to my chest. For awhile Clayton thought we were in serious jeopardy of a Of Mice and Men moment (please tell me you've read that book).

And for the record, Kevin is the chinchilla I almost ended in the pet store over the weekend. 

Joey is not entirely sure what to make of Kevin quite yet. Day 1 he barked at him incessantly, but last night he laid quietly while Kevin hopped over his tail. I really hope the pair grow to love each other (or at least tolerate each other) and I really hope that Joey does not feel replaced in any kind of way. He is and will always be my first and one true love. I know that he doesn't fully understand what's going on, but I wish I could explain to him that Kevin is here to hopefully make his life a little better, and that I would never do anything to hurt him. It sounds insane, but I had to combat some initial feelings of "Does having another pet make it seem like I love Joey any less?" Out of all of this, that was my biggest concern. I fully recognize that my love for my beagle is obsessive. No judging.