Lunchtime Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!

*scratch scratch*

Yes, I still have my rash. Why do you ask?

I'm coming up on my 2 week anniversary with pitysiaris rosea, and I have no idea if it's getting any better. The itching went away for a few days and the spots seem to be fading, but some mornings they suddenly seem a bit bigger and redder. So in the meantime: Tan, epsom salt bath, repeat.

How was your weekend? Mine was pretty good, albeit short. Part of my job in the Student Life office is to organize (and obviously participate in) student activities and trips. My boss organized a day trip to French Lick winery and I spent most of the day with a bus-full of students, touring the famous resort and sampling wine. It wasn't a bad day by any means, but I was still tired when I got home on Saturday night.


 A few pictures from the hotels.
Both West Baden and French Lick Springs have a lot of history and are absolutely beautiful!

We spent Saturday evening with my in-law's because I haven't seen them since, gosh, Father's Day? We played cards, caught up, and enjoyed a bottle of French Lick's Rhubarb wine. To date, that is the only sweet wine I can stomach for an entire glass.

Sunday I woke up somewhat early and made myself a nest on the futon in our guest room and watched at least 5 hours of The Office (My emotional investment in those characters runs just as deep the second time around). I pulled myself away from the couch only to shower, use the bathroom, and eventually go on a 7-mile run.

I haven't run more than 5 or 6 miles since the Hoosier Half Marathon in April, so I was nervous I'd be a little rusty. I adjusted my Garmin to display total distance only because it was muggy, I was groggy and I had zero business worrying about how fast I was going. Sometimes the summer months are better spent just trying to run from Point A to Point B without worrying about how quickly you get there.

But I finished my run without any walk breaks (which is what I was mostly concerned about) and got caught in a lovely rain shower during my final 2 miles and the mile-long stroll back to my car.

And I stopped for post-run selfies. Because rain or shine, there is always time for post-run selfies.  

Geeze, face. Red and bloated much?

Then I came home, took another shower, and watched more The Office until it was time for bed.

In conclusion, my weekend was equal parts busy and lazy. The best kind of weekend!