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Oh my stars, it is hot outside. I think it's something like 93°. I opened the patio door to let Joey outside last night, and the ground was literally steaming.

But that didn't stop my from having my space heater turned on today because my new office is THAT cold.

Yup, I've officially moved over to my new position. Watch out world, Courtney is guiding America's next generation.

That is a horrifying thought.

Good luck, everyone.

Here's a picture of me posing in front of my new office's massive window (natural lighting! woot!) and making my "I might kill you in your sleep later" face.

Anyway, oodles of fun things going on lately (who says oodles? *this girl*). Over the weekend, I participated in a College Spirit 5k with a group of my co-workers in an effort to promote employee health and wellness on our campus. We decked ourselves out in college gear and basically owned the race. We took 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in my age group alone and placed in several other age groups as well. I came in 3rd for the 25-29 year-old peeps and was given a medal (and you all know how I feel about medals. YAY!).

I technically came in first (but me bitter? No way). See, this was the inaugural College Spirit 5k and it was a really small race with MAYBE 50 total participants. Since it was a tiny race, I found myself at the front of the pack (which never happens), but the first 10 or so of us were misguided and ended up getting lost. The people manning the water station after mile 1 were supposed to direct us to turn left, but they didn't say anything and just let us run straight through. Once we were running on a main road with no police escorts, we knew something was amiss. Confused, worried (and if you were me: irritated), we turned down some side streets to get back to where we came from. That's when we joined up with the walkers and all lost our top rankings. By the time we rejoined the rest of the racers, we had already run a full 5k.

I technically ran just under 5 miles by the time I crossed the finish line.

It was for a good cause (the money benefited a local college scholarship fund), but I'm just way, way too competitive. I was cruising for a great finishing time and was not pleased when I realized we weren't directed properly.

But hey, you live and let live, right?

And it was still a really, really fun morning with my co-workers. We have a great group at the college!

We look a little worse for wear in that second picture, I'm not gonna lie. And that baby didn't run (in case you were wondering).

Other happenings in our household?

I may have cracked the code for the world's best, most sturdy whipped frosting:

I was baking a cake yesterday (for no reason other than the fact that it was a Monday) and found a recipe for the kind of light, yet decadent icing that dreams are made of (what? You don't dream about cake? We can't be friends). While Clayton and I were deviously licking the bowl I said, "I think I feel for this frosting the way some people feel about their children. It's like, my life was incomplete until just now."

He didn't disagree with me. 

Clayton and I also discovered the secret to a happy, healthy marriage is passive-aggression:

Oh, and you know what's good? Portobello mushroom pizzas. You should try them!

Hope your Tuesday was awesome!


  1. I feel you could have been writing about me in this post when discussing your irritation and competitiveness. I've been trying to switch my brain to just enjoy the runs but inevitably I get frustrated with myself when I don't do well. (I would get really frustrated if that were someone else's fault by not giving me directions!).
    Loved reading always.

    1. Yup, my competitiveness can be both my best and worst trait ... usually my worst. I can never just enjoy anything when it comes to racing. I'm always so ride or die!


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