5 Things

How is it seriously Wednesday already?

I'm not mad about it, I'm just sayin'.

It's been awhile since we last spoke, so I thought this would be the quickest way to catch up:

I gotta stop making graphics I'll never use again.

1.) Over the 4th of July weekend, Clay and I went on a nighttime zip lining tour in Nashville, Indiana. Though I'm not particularly afraid of heights, I was not a huge fan of standing on a platform 20 or 30 feet up in the air with no railing. We were tethered to the tree, but that couldn't stop me from imagining myself falling to my death. And Clayton planted the idea that Bigfoot could be roaming in the forest, right underneath us, and well, you know how that goes.

2.) I've been having the WORST luck with my clothes lately. I always think I'm so brilliant when I manage to score a really nice top for less than $10 (seriously, come shopping with me sometime), but after one wash, everything seems to shrink, pill or tear. I follow the laundering instructions to a T, but I've ruined 3 shirts in the past few months. Maybe because each shirt was only $10 ...

3.) My hair has finally grown out and is a mere few inches from my desired length, but I keep pinning pictures of short hair styles on Pinterest. I don't think I'd ever cut my hair this short, but I can't help but think that it would be flattering for my face shape and hair texture:

And I'm still in love with the ombre look on brunettes!
4.) Our garden started out so promising this spring, but our newbie gardening status caused one of our garden boxes to literally explode with veggies. We tried transplanting the pumpkin seedlings since they were the jerks that were causing most of the trouble, but they died immediately after the move. I'm disappointed because out of everything we planted, having our own pumpkins for Halloween is what I was the most excited about.

5.) We saw 22 Jump Street over the weekend and much to my dismay (and without giving anything away), there was an octopus in the opening scene (I know, right?). So I watched the rest of the movie with my knees to my chest and my feet off the ground because my subconscious convinced me there was an octopus lurching around the theater floor.

P.S. You should really see this movie.