Your mind's eye

My sweet friend, Brittany posted a Facebook status today that really resonated with me:

First of all, I can totally see this because Brittany is truly a bohemian-chic country girl at heart and secondly: I do this all the time, too. 75% of my time spent on Pinterest is me trolling the site for images of the girl I feel like on the inside, but will never look like on the outside. 

And spare me the lecture of "You're beautiful just the way God made you!" (because that's just something nice that ugly people say ... just kidding). I'm not refuting that statement at all. We are all perfect and wonderful just as we are, but sometimes the outside does not always reflect how a person truly feels on the inside. 

For me, my spirit animal is this girl:

When I picture my ideal self, I'm wearing the perfect pair of worn-in blue jeans and a gray v-neck t-shirt that fits just right (not too tight, not too lose), and I have legs that are actually proportionate in length to the rest of my body. I'm effortlessly accessorized and embody the epitome of the girl next-door. My hair is thick, slightly wavy and falls across my face in a flattering, flirty way. I smile easily because I'm 100% happy in the skin I'm in. 

But whenever I actually try to manifest that appearance, I just end up like,

Happy Friday!