Weekend Recap

Haaaaaaaaaaapppppppppppy Mondaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! (I don't know why, but in my head that totally sounded like The Muppet Show's "Pigs In Space" intro.)

How was your weekend?

Clay and I were busy bees! Well, except for Friday. Friday night I passed out on the couch at 11 p.m. after I got home from the gym and took a shower.

Friday is normally my day-off from working out, but we had all sorts of fun activities planned for Saturday and I wanted the day totally sweat free.

We slept in super late (which I desperately needed because I was running on only 5-6 hours of sleep last week which may or may not be related to my newfound love of Candy Crush) and then started getting ready to head out of town.

We met my mama at my favorite place to get drink in Greendwood, Indiana: BJ's Brewhouse. They have super yummy cocktails (for when my gullet needs something other than the standard Jack n' Coke) and a variety of appetizers for under $4.

After spending some time with my mom, Clay and I headed to downtown Indianapolis to meet Dan and Emily at the Rathskeller for dinner (think plates filled with nothing but sausages and meat) before we walked a few blocks over to see THE BOOK OF MORMON!

The four of us bought our tickets to the show back in February because we were THAT excited to see Matt Stone and Trey Parker's production. I will admit, I was a little apprehensive about seeing it because I was worried I'd be infinitely offended by some of the religious subject matter, but it was nothing like I thought it would be. Yes, the show pokes fun at the Mormon religion, but the show itself is about so much more. (Though I won't sugar coated it: It's vulgar at times.)

The dancing was amazing, the music was wonderful, and I seriously almost peed a few times. The tickets are pricey, but it is SO worth it.

Obviously we saw the off-Broadway production, but here's a snippet of the opening number of "Hello!" as performed at the beginning of the 2012 Tony Awards:

On Sunday we woke up early to partake in Nicholas' 3rd birthday party. Colby and Ireli elected to have the party early in the day since it's been so hot (which was a smart call!). Ireli put a lot of work into the party's pirate-theme and it was adorable.

Nicholas has been coming to a lot of my softball games and a few weeks ago he was excited to show me his plastic yellow bat. So Clayton and I decided that his first baseball glove would be the perfect gift and we found the tiniest, cutest little glove EVER. It looked just like my first softball glove and I still have a hard time believing that my hands were ever that small. Later that evening, Ireli text me pictures of him using the baseball mit. So cute!

This upcoming week will be a little bittersweet for me. Last Friday was my bestie advisor's last day with us and even though we're still going to hang out and keep in touch, I hate saying goodbye. I got most of the department to wear black in mourning and I showered her with Sour Patch Kids and cupcakes as my farewell gift. The office just won't be the same without her laugh and our stupid conversations. :)

However, the sweet in bittersweet is due to the fact that I GOT A PROMOTION! I mean, I guess you could call it a promotion. I think it is. I'm was offered the position of the Assistant Director of Student Life and effective July 1st, I will be moving to a new area with a new office (THAT HAS A WINDOW). Student Life is where I wanted to be since coming to the college and things just worked out to where the position because vacant and I was the first person they had in mind to fill it. I'll be working with the various student groups on campus (including sports and health and wellness initiatives). Isn't it just awesome when things work out?


  1. Congrats on the job!!! That's exciting! :-)

  2. I've been wanting to see The Book of Mormon for a while, so I def need to check it out! I do need to see Cabaret first though....Alan Cummings is reprising his role on Broadway.....

    Congrats on the new position!! Sounds perfect!! Can't wait to hear all about it as the school year starts this fall!

    1. It was SO WORTH it. SO worth it. Tickets to that show was probably one of the smartest, best purchases I've ever made in my entire life.

      I need to see all the Broadway shows. PERIOD. An off-broadway production of Sister Act is coming to our town this fall and I'm already waiting for tickets to go on sale.

      And thank you! I think it will be the perfect fit for me at the college!

    2. Seriously. Broadway is the BEST. If you haven't seen Wicked, drop everything, and go right now. It's absolutely incredible. The costumes are phenomenal. I'm really fortunate being so close to NYC - I've seen Wicked, Monty Python and the Holy Grail (with Hank Azaria and Tim Curry), The Odd Couple (with Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane), and Promises, Promises (with Sean Hayes and Kristin Chenoweth (OH.MY.GOD HER VOICE.)) on Broadway. I've seen others here in Philly, including Phantom of the Opera. I love it all.

      Now I feel like I need to book my tickets for Cabaret.......


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