The cupcake ego

Cue Chandler Bing: Could this week be going any slower?

It's Thursday (and it's Thirsty Thursday for those of you who like to partake in the drink. And I do.), but Friday night can not get here soon enough. Every day this week, I've woken up thinking, "Okay, I only have to wake up X more amount of times before the weekend ..."

What do I need Friday so badly?

1.) Season 2 of Orange is the New Black will be available on Netflix on Friday and I'm kind of living for that right now. (And did you see what I did with the colors there?)

2.) Because I'll get to spend all kinds of snuggle time with this sweet face:


3.) Friday night also marks the beginning of Clayton's and my vacation!!! We have so many activities planned, it's going to be insane ... insanely awesome, that is.

So on Tuesday morning, all of us advisors started an in-depth conversation about cake and pizza (talking about food and eating food and just generally obsessing over food is not uncommon in my work place), and the talk of cake was so inspiring, I decided to bake a batch of cupcakes for my co-workers that evening.

I decided on vanilla cupcakes with vanilla icing (because I'm selfish and that's my favorite) and got to work in my kitchen. After realizing I totally lost the amazing Italian vanilla buttercream recipe I used when I baked massive amounts of cupcakes for my friends vow renewal ceremony last summer, I had to scurry to find something different.

I wasn't in love with the recipe, but it was easy. The frosting came out thick and fluffy and piped very easily onto the waiting cakes. However, I was overly concerned the icing was a bit too rich (and I know some people don't dig that) and after Clayton pretty much confirmed he might have a heart attack from all the butter, I reconsidered giving them to my co-workers.

But I sucked it up, took the risk and brought them to work the next morning because I didn't want to look like a liar and not do something I said I was going to do. I suspiciously watched the tray of cupcakes from my office and people slowly made their ways towards them. I was politely thanked for bringing in a treat and that was about it.


Apparently word spreads like wildfire because in about 20 minutes, most of the cupcakes were gone and I heard one of our student employees practically swooning over the icing. Every few minutes or so I heard a "Have you tried one these? You're going to want two." One my co-workers even stopped by my office that afternoon and requested I just bring in a bucket of that same icing tomorrow.

Finally, my good work friend told me that as she was walking out of the building that evening with the very last cupcake, she was stopped by a security guard who said, "Hey, is that one of those cupcakes everyone has been talking about?"

So ya, this girl is beaming ear to ear about that one. I was so worried people wouldn't like them and look what happened? Man, I'm not going to lie, that totally stroked my ego and made me feel really good about myself. I mean, I personally thought they were delicious (though maybe not the cutest cupcakes I've ever made). I guess I just needed some outside validation (which I got ... and then some!).  

 Have you ever felt that way?