House updates

Anyone who owns a home knows that the list of projects and renovations is never-ending. Clay and I are coming up on 1 year in our first home (Time, where the heck are you going?! KINDLY SLOW DOWN.), and I feel like I've only accomplished about 45% of what I want to do so far.

Baby steps are kryptonite for impatient people.

Clayton graciously offered to paint our guest bathroom a few weekends ago (which has turned into our master bathroom while we fix some caulking issues in the master) and just yesterday I got around to buying the rugs and other doo-dads that go into bathroom decor. I still need a few decorative items to make the bathroom more welcoming (wall planter with succulents, anyone?), but I'm happy with the space.

Yesterday, Clayton and I finally decided to do our aching necks a favor and purchase new pillows. And I'm not talking about the $5 pillows we used to carelessly toss into our shopping cart at Wal-mart. I'm talking about high-end, classy $10 pillows from Kohl's (watch out Donald Trump, I'm coming for ya!). In our old age of 28, Clay and I need to be more selective with the type of surfaces we sleep on. The girl who once took a 2-hour nap on concrete now needs a special "firm", hypoallergenic pillow under her head at night.

The saddest part? We got really giddy about the new pillows.

We also made a splurge and bought a new set of sheets for our bed since Clayton and I are both um, sweaty sleepers and need another back-up set for laundry days. I sprung for a beautiful set of cornflower blue sheets (I don't know if the color was truly called cornflower. I made that up.) and they are so silky and soft, I darn near slipped off the bed when I tried to get in last night.

And after jumping on the bed and having a pillow fight, I made spaghetti pie.

The end.