A baby weekend recap

This morning I woke up with a bumpy, red rash going down both arms, itchy eyes, and the desire to scratch off the top 2 layers of my skin. I have no idea what I did to myself, but I am uncomfortable, to say the least. Pair that with it being Monday, and I just want to dive back under the blanket and sleep the world away.

I'm suspecting that my rash woes may have started on Saturday. That morning, my mom, Ashley and I drove to Ohio to meet the newest member of our family: Jonah Christian. My oldest sister, Shannon, gave birth to him just a few weeks ago and we were eager to see him. It was such a gorgeous day, we spent the entire afternoon sitting on Shannon's back patio and even though we were under a large yard umbrella, I fried one side of my arm into the sexiest of farmer's tans.

I have super sensitive skin anyway, and I think the burn just kind of imploded into some kind of heat rash that's slowly taking over my body until I eventually become one giant chunk of red, flaky skin.

That was ... disgusting.

But the burn and possible subsequent rash was totally worth it.


We later walked down the street to get ice cream (and oh my gosh, this little ice cream stand had "Krunch Kote" topping which tasted identical to Dairy Queen's Crunch Coat of yore) and Ashley captured the cutest, funniest little face on Jonah:

And then I totally upped the creeper factor when he fell back asleep:

I'm the reason why we can't have nice things or decent pictures.

How was your weekend?


  1. Aww! congrats on your new little nephew! God Bless him :-)

    That ice cream sounds fab. The crunch coat of yore....oh, the memories.....

    My weekend was pretty uneventful - I had to get my car inspected & give up my first born for a new muffler on my car, but oh well. Whattaya gonna do?


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