Weekend recap

Hip-hop-happy Monday!

I have no idea why I said that.

But happy Monday nonetheless!

I'm still having some scary, unexplained health symptoms, but I woke up this morning and told God that I wasn't going to live in fear or worry today and that this day was His and I was just going to enjoy it.

I didn't have to be at the office until 10 this morning since I'm working late at a new student orientation type-of-thingy, so I took full advantage of my extra time and went for an a.m. run. Running has been a major bummer for me since the Hoosier Half and my self-confidence has been sorely lacking. I don't know if my body is just tired or if it's not quite adjusted to the warmer spring temperatures, but running outside has been a bear. I've cried during my last two weekend long runs.

So this morning I did some extra stretching, took some deep breaths, and just let whatever happens happen. I know that part of my problem is that I've been running WAY too fast (seriously folks, running my first three miles sub-8 minutes is probably why I end up crying by mile 5), but I have no sense of how fast I'm moving anymore. I'll think I'm cruising along at an easy pace, then I'll look at my watch and be like, "Ooops!", but by that time, it's usually too late and I've already depleted most of my energy stores.

A hot mess. My running has been a hot mess.

This morning I stuck with an easy 3 miles of fartleks. I haven't done speed work in ages, so it was nice to have the distraction of "Okay, if I can hold this 5k pace for just 30 more seconds, then I can jog for a bit."
My fartleks were sub-8 minutes all the way through and the recovery periods in between made me strong and not at all like dying when I was done.

It was such a gorgeous morning, I sprung for the post-run selfie.


Then I made Joey do a seflie with me. He was less than thrilled.


So what did I do this weekend? We attended an extended family wiener roast, I went out to celebrate with a friend of mine who just graduated with her Bachelor's degree (I only had 2 drinks and woke up hungover because I'm old and my body hates me), and Clayton and I broke our backs finishing our front yard landscaping project. But it's done and it looks FABULOUS.

But don't get too used to the red shutters and red trim along the front of the house. Clayton swears up and down that he's going to repaint this summer because all of the red has him literally seeing red. For whatever reason he hates it. I can tolerate it because for a neighborhood where 75% of the houses are almost identical, I like having something that sets ours apart. Painting the front of the house is a huge undertaking, so whenever he starts into his "I'm going to paint all of this TONIGHT!" rant, I just pat him on the shoulder and reply, "Whatever you say, dear."



And there was SO MUCH Joey cuteness this weekend. SO MUCH!


I needed to run to K-Mart for some hair spray and when I left, Clayton's exact instructions to me were "Bring me something pretty", so I bought him a bottle of blue bubbles. We learned that Joey is terrified of blue bubbles, but looks positively adorable whilst running away from them.


Now we just gotta get our garden started and finish some minimal backyard maintenance, and we'll be ready for summer!

I also want to report that I tried what I had hoped would become a life-changing event, but actually ended up being a huge disappointment.


These? Do not taste like cake. At all. They're just regular M&M's moonlighting as chocolate cake.

But don't worry, we still ate the entire bag in one sitting.

I hope your weekends were marvelous and your week is off to a good start! This should be an exciting week because in addition to our normal softball schedule and weekday shenanigans, my oldest sister is about to pop with my second newphew!