Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Getting back into the swing of things after a long weekend is ROUGH, lemme tell ya. Especially when that weekend was lovely and full of gorgeous weather and fun activities.

Shall we have a weekend recap?

As you know, Clayton's birthday was on Friday and our evening was filled with cake and family celebration. Clayton requested chocolate cake with chocolate chip cookie dough frosting and we had his parents, brother and sister-in-law and both grandmothers over to indulge with us.

Joey wanted in on the cake action.

On Saturday morning, Clayton and I woke up bright and early to hit the farmer's market and left with a block of fresh cheese, local wildflower honey (it's good for allergies!) and some grass-fed beef patties. Then we went birthday shopping so he could pick out some new duds with his birthday gift cards and then spent the afternoon at the bookstore before going to see The Neighbors at the movie theater (a raunchy, yet delightfully funny movie).


And of course we ate our burgers (ON PRETZEL BUNS!!!!!) with melted, Amish Monterey Jack cheese. Man, I have MISSED summer grilling!

Sunday morning, I explored a state forest just north of town and spent over an hour running/walking through the trails. It's my understanding that there are over 40 miles of actual trail in the area, but I stuck to a small area and exhausted myself climbing over large rocks and ducking under fallen trees. It was amazing.


That night, Clayton and I went to the drive-in to see Godzilla and Blended. I wanted to see both movies equally, so I'm pretty sure this is the first time I ever stayed awake for both features. I have a lot of questions about Godzilla (Clayton is forever telling me not to think about things like that too hard, but I can't get over all of the structural damage. Like, who's responsible for cleaning that up?!), but Blended was surprisingly funnier than I expected! I'm a sucker for Adam Sandler movies.

Then we came home, slept like garbage because we need a new mattress and were sore from being crammed in a car for 5 hours watching movies, but woke up bright and early to go hiking in the same forest I ran in the day before. 

I was so enamored by natural beauty I discovered on Sunday, I was dying to share it with Clayton. I absolutely LOVE hiking (I'm pretty sure I could walk around a forest for an entire day and not get bored) and was ecstatic that he willingly let me drag him up and down the trail for a few hours. 

Oh, artsy Bloomington.
Isn't this breathtaking!?


After hiking, we showered and headed over to Colby and Ireli's house for some Memorial Day grillin' and playtime with their kiddos. They made us HUGE, delicious T-bone steaks and it was nice to catch up and sit in the sun (I even got a small sunburn!).

Finally, Clayton and I continued to be infatuated with the nest of baby robins living under the roof of our porch. This weekend we discovered that there are four babies and after doing some quick research, we learned that both the Mama robin and the Papa robin take turns bringing worms to their waiting offspring. We saw multiple feedings and spent a lot of time sitting behind the patio door, spying.


Sorry for the blurry picture. The lighting under our porch isn't so great and since I don't want to disturb the nest in any possible way, I have to rely on the zoom on my cell phone. But can't you see their little beaks? So cute! They have feathers now and everything. Won't be too long before they're ready to fly!

I hope your weekend was awesome, too!


  1. those rocks that look like they are standing next to each other and all different colors!!!! i can't even describe them properly, they are so cool!

    1. Agreed! I don't know if people used chalk or what, but it's so pretty. Such a neat little thing to stumble upon this weekend!


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