Gone but not forgotten

How's that for a total downer of a post title?

But don't worry; things are fine. Totally fine. I've just been a little MIA from the blog because you know, life and junk.

However, I had a TON of pictures stored on my phone from the last several days that I planned to share with you, but now that I've started scrolling through them, I'm thinking, "Wow. These aren't that great".

But some of them are. Including this picture of me and my buddy Ryne lookin' fly right before the start of graduation last Friday night:

Both of us rockin' the red for our alma mater, IU!

And this weekend's beer-tasting festivities with Mitch and Molly:

On Saturday night, the four of us scoped out Quaff On Brewing and Function Brewering in downtown Bloomington and enjoyed flights from each location. My absolute favorite beer of the night? Quaff On's Busted Knuckle. Divine.

Clayton and I finally finished all of our front yard landscaping! My mom gave me a few lillies over Mother's Day weekend and I happily added them and a few solar lights to our flower bed. Clayton completely tore down the brick and mulch edging our mailbox and a tree (it looked hideous with so many broken bricks!), then simply added a darker color of mulch over the area to make it more aesthetically pleasing. I have to say, I'm incredibly impressed with us. Our front yard now has so much room for activities! (Name that movie!)

Joey got in my way.

I think 18 year-old me would be incredibly disappointed in 28 year-old me for getting excited about mulch.

Our next projects will be to get the garden in full working order way (we discovered one of the wood boxes has termites. Yikes!), paint our mailbox, and paint our garage lights. Now that the larger, more laborious tasks are out of the way, we get to have some fun with the yard! (18 year-old me would also be incredibly disappointed in 28 year-old me for thinking this kind of thing is "fun".)

We also discovered that we have new house guests! I saw a robin's nest on our patio roof over the winter and made a mental note to pull it down in the spring. However, I didn't get around to it and a few days ago I noticed a robin sitting next to the nest, so I let it be. On Monday evening I pulled out a ladder and peeked my head into the nest to see if she was using it. Sure enough, I saw 2 sets of little eyes staring back at me (at least I think they were looking at me. Baby birds look awfully blind). 

Just yesterday, I observed one of the baby's heads poking from the nest, and I couldn't resist snapping a picture (from a safe distance, of course! If you get too close to the babies and the mom can smell you, she will abandon the nest).

Is that not adorably ugly?

Over the weekend I tried a new dessert recipe that I found on my favorite sweets blog, Sally's Baking Addiction. I was looking for some new cookie ideas and I saw her recipe for "Cake Batter Blondies". She had me at "cake batter". It could have been a recipe for "Cake Batter Poop Cookies" and I'd still want to make them.

They are yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy! (And can I just say: BEST BATTER EVA!)

I always try to make my snapshots of food look alluring and appetizing like the pictures on food blogs, but I never can. There's a reason why those women are food bloggers and I am not.

Finally, tomorrow is my love's birthday. Tonight I get to bake Clayton his FAVORITE cake: My special chocolate cake with cookie dough icing.


I love celebrating Clayton's birthday. Really, I just love spoiling that guy rotten. There's something about his face that makes me all like, "I WANT TO DO THINGS TO YOU AND FOR YOU."

That was an overshare.

P.S. I got a lot of really nice comments about last Friday's graduation dress on Facebook. Thank you! For those who are interested, I got both the dress and shoes at Kohl's. Though I need to confess that I did return them over the weekend because I found a 30% off coupon code online and ordered the same dress and shoes through the website so I could save $30. Why? Because I am an a$$hole. A smart, thrifty a$$hole.