Courtney does graduation

One of the joys of being an academic advisor in higher education is that you attend graduation every year to watch your students walk across the stage to receive their diplomas (or at least that fake little folder that is totally empty because they mail you your diploma later).

I didn't attend my own college graduation (I was totally over school by then, I just wanted to find a job and move on. Plus, I was so broke, I couldn't even fathom renting or buying a gown), so this should be an interesting experience. Especially when you factor in that the advisors have to sit on the stage and I've been tasked with helping wobbling grads in tall heels make their way down the steps.

Good thing I'm not super shy or anything. *sarcasm*

But I'll use any excuse I can for a new outfit, so like many other gals in my office, I bought a new dress today (which is funny because we'll be wearing giant robes all night).

And I wanted to snap a photo of me in said dress because 1.) It's adorable and 2.) It's adorable.


But trying to take a picture of yourself with an automatic timer is near impossible and I inadvertently pressed the "continuous photo" button .. and well, I went with it.


Happy Friday! And congrats, grads! :)


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