Courtney Confessions

Santorini, Greece
1.) I've been bit by the travel bug. I'm enrapt with pictures of gorgeous, far away places that appear to be fairy tales only obtainable through my computer screen. I've never had aspirations to be rich, but I always wanted to make enough money to travel to these exotic, breathtaking locations and lose myself in the beauty of a foreign land. Heck, even a cross-country road trip to a state I've never explored would do!

2.) Most mornings I have an impossibly hard time leaving Joey. By the time I'm walking out the door for work, he's stretched out on the couch for his morning nap and all I want to do is bury my head in his fur and spend the day with him.

3.) Sometimes I get really irritated when people assume that just because someone actively chooses to eat salad on a regular basis, they must be on a diet or worried about their weight. While yes, I do try to eat a lot of veggies during the day because it keeps me full on less calories, I also LOVE the taste of vegetables. Leafy greens, legumes, beansthey just happen to be my favorite. What tastes like a bag of yard work to some people is my culinary heaven. You don't give people the stink eye when they declare that their favorite food is pizza, so why do I get the raised eyebrows when I proclaim my love of salad with all the trimmings?(Plus, you should see the amount of shredded cheese I use.)
4.) I'm slowly making the transition back to flared and bootcut jeans. For the past several years, skinny jeans have been my pant of choice (for those occasions when yoga pants don't suffice), but I'm no longer ignorant starting to accept that while skinny jeans are still very much all the rage, they're just not the most flattering option for this runner girl's thighs. It's a true sign of getting older when you begin to forgo trends in the name of practicality. (American Eagle's Boyfriend jeans are my all-time favorite!)

Do you have anything to confess today?