Weekend recap

I woke up this morning and it was raining cats and dogs! Apparently we had a thunderstorm last night and even though I was up tossing and turning for several hours, I didn't hear any rumbles of thunder or flashes of lightning. Lame.

I want my big spring thunderstorm! (But not too big. I don't wanna pee my pantaloons anything like that.)

But here we are, another Monday older. (That's a depressing thought. How about another Friday younger? That sounds better.)

How was your weekend?

Ours was excellent. We watched some movies (Bad Words with Jason Bateman is highly recommended if you can stomach a nasty, crass Jason Bateman. But Frozen? Not so much. I didn't love it. Heck, I didn't even really like it. Loved the female lead and that's about it.)

Saturday evening Clayton and I partook in one our favorite husband and wifey pastimes: Baseball. We spent the evening in Indianapolis eating ballpark franks and watching the Indy Indians take on some team I've never heard of because I'm not particularly familiar with minor league baseball. Apparently the Pittsburgh Pirates pull from our team which makes little sense geographically, but then again, I don't understand a lot about the world.

All smiles.

One of my absolute favorite beers!
Our seats weren't too shabby! We were front and center for all the action.

We begrudgingly dubbed Sunday as "More Yard Work Day" and spent literally HOURS pulling old mulch and dirt from our front yard's giant flower bed. Talk about back-breaking work! Clayton practically needs a wheelchair today. Our entire house smells like Icy Hot.

But we're getting there. We just gotta fill it all in with the mulch or pea gravel of our choice and then add a few little doodads like solar lights or more flowers. 

Through all of our sweat and consequent swearing, I did discover a new favorite hobby: Spraying weedkiller. I get to kill things with absolutely zero effort on my part. 

Before: All of last summer's mulch and weeds. The brick we laid last summer was too low to the ground
and much of the mulch blew out during the winter months.
After: About 100 pounds less dirt and no more mulch!

After: This took forever. But we left in the hostas because they're already so green and lovely!

For as much time as we spent outside, I didn't get as much sun as I'd hope. Even running outside on Saturday didn't give me much more than a faint sock line. Perhaps next weekend I need to spend some time laying out in our backyard?

In other news, I'm starting to become more and more convinced that the pain issues I've been experiencing are the result of a strained groin (sexy). We bought a muscle stick thingy that you're supposed to roll over your legs and back after working out and when I tried to run it across my inner thigh (scandalous), I almost yelped in pain. Luckily, the soreness and strain isn't preventing me from too many of my normal activities (which tells me it's mild) and it does kind of explain why I might be feeling some discomfort in my um, crotch area. 


Crotch. Crotchety. Crotch. Crotch.

Fingers crossed that I've finally pinpointed the issue and all I need is some rest and TLC (and lots of ice!).

Happy Monday!