Things I'm Lovin'

It's always fun to talk about the people, places or things that are making current rounds on your "must have/try/see list". (Think Oprah's "Favorite Things" segment, but on a much smaller scale. Because sadly, I do not have enough compact cars or iPads to give everyone in my reading audience).

But here are a few of my "favorite things" ...

1.) The cast of The Lion King's "Circle of Life" flash mob on a Virgin Atlantic Flight:

Plus, it totally reminded me of this amazingly awesome moment from Modern Family when Lily makes her big debut:


2.) World Gone Sour, the video game Clayton and I downloaded this weekend to his Xbox 360. Clayton is always jonesin' for me to play more video games with him, but I usually just end up shooting him (or myself) when we play Halo. So he finally asked me what kind of video game I would be willing to play, and I responded, "Anything colorful, cute or involving zombies. Or all three."

So he bought me this:

Um yes, that IS a Sour Patch Kid video game and yes, you get to maneuver your tiny gummy character through a maze of candy boxes as you and your friends try to escape a movie theater. The look of sheer delight and joy on my face was palpable.

3.) Yellow tulips. I'm blessed with a husband who likes to surprise me with flowers for no reason at all, and on Sunday he surprised me with this lovely bouquet of yellow tulips. We're in agreement that yellow flowers equal instant cheer and we promised ourselves that we'd try to plant some of these in our yard this spring.

4.) Birthday Cake M&M's. Do I really need to say anything else? Birthday. Cake. M&M's.

5.)  The weather is finally starting to get warmer and I can't help but begin to fantasize about bronzed skin and spending my weekends poolside. Every year I go on a hunt for the "perfect bikini" and I'm kind of obsessed with this reversible floral bikini from Anthropologie (I'm a sucker for the one-shoulder look). But with a $108 price tag, I'll have to admire this swimsuit from afar.

What are some things that you're lovin' right now? 

(Note: Every time I type "lovin'" instead of "loving", I feel like I'm being overtly creepy. It comes across as sexually aggressive rather than cute. Like, "Hey baby, you want some of this good lovin'?" ...

... And the answer is no. It's always no.)


  1. Holy Moly! I was craving Sweet & Sour gummies hardcore when I saw your videogame but then as I scrolled on down and read that they are now making Birthday Cake M&Ms????? forget it! My birthday is this month I've got to track these babies down!

    1. I heard an ugly rumor that you have to special order the Birthday Cake MnM's and that they're not sold in stores (first of all, that's just a cold, hard injustice right there and secondly, I can't be expected to order candy and then patiently wait for it to arrive in my mailbox!). If you get your hands on some, LET ME KNOW!


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