the yard

I was running around in shorts this weekend. Then it snowed last night.

Spring, you disappoint me.

So how was your weekend? Mine was pretty good! Didn't do anything too terribly exciting: Met friends for dinner on Friday, weeded my garden boxes, got a tetanus shot, ran a few miles ... You know, the usual. 

Except for the whole tetanus shot thing, I guess.

My first official day of spring cleaning as a homeowner and I decide to go dancing across a rusty nail in our shed and puncture a hole in my foot.

Ironically, this was no more than 10 minutes before I told Clayton, "Watch out for all the rusty nails!"

So yard work was cut short this weekend with an impromptu trip to the doctor. It was almost exactly 6 years to the day since my last tetanus shot (it was part of the whole "I can't cut potatoes without almost cutting off appendages" saga), so the nurse practitioner erred on the side of caution and suggested I get a shot anyway.

Get a shot I might not need or potentially lose my foot to gangrene ... It wasn't a hard decision. (And why is it that the shot hurt way more than stepping on the nail?!)

While we didn't get everything we wanted accomplished, I was still able to weed our garden boxes and prepare one of the front yard's flower beds for new plants. I also wrestled with a dead bulb whose roots ran halfway to China and there were so many various legs, I was convinced I was digging up an octopus.

But our front yard is still a hot mess. Remember these pics from last August when we had just laid down brick and added new mulch to the front yard?

Yeah, the front yard doesn't look like this anymore.

We had a really harsh winter and half the mulch blew out of the beds and the weeds are straight-up out of control. It looks terrible and it's far too much upkeep (I'd rather focus my time and energy on the garden). I actually hate how many plants are in the front yard and we have plans of digging everything up and planting grass in its place. Last summer's brick and mulch project was just a quick, temporary fix to the disaster we inherited from the previous homeowners.

(Word to the wise: Don't sell your house and then move to the Philippines without enlisting someone to come mow your yard occasionally before the new owners move in 3 months later.)

Only Clayton and I have no idea how to plant almost an entire yard of grass. All grass is not created equal and we have to call a professional and have them tell us what kind of grass we have and give us some instruction because we're both pretty ignorant about lawn care.

And honestly, landscaping doesn't really interest me. For the first hour or so, I was like, "YEAH! LOOK AT ME DOING STUFF IN MY OWN YARD!" Then about 2 hours and one rusty nail in the foot later, I was totally over it. My mom and sister both have green thumbs and are super into their yards, whereas I'm super into having other people do the work for me. 

While we were yanking weeds on Saturday, I said to Clayton, "Remember when we lived in an apartment and didn't have to mess with any of this?"

"Yeah," he replied, flinging dirt into the air as he broke a root free.

"Yeah," I agreed as we fell back into an irritated silence.

However, the stress and strain of yard work wasn't all bad (minus punching a hole in my foot, of course). As we broke our backs tugging on roots, we discovered that our stinky little beagle LOVES the freshly weeded garden boxes and made it a point to nap in them all afternoon.

This will become quite problematic once we actually have vegetables growing in them.

But Joey is actually quite the digger and helped us find a few weeds we missed:

^^That is 1 minute and 48 seconds of pure, unedited beagle-y cuteness right there. Warning: Things get unbearably adorable about 30 seconds in.

And our little man was WIPED OUT after playing in the yard all day.

Happy Tuesday!