The night before my 7th half marathon

T'was the night before the Hoosier Half Marathon and all through the house, not a creature was stirring ...

... except for Courtney. She was driving everyone nuts with her nervous energy and singing "Runnin'! Runnin'! Runnin'! Runnin'! Runnin'! Runnin'! Runnin'! Runnin'!" to the Batman theme song.

It's about 7 p.m. now and just three short 3 hours I will retiring to our bedroom to go to sleep, but I'll most likely end up staring at the ceiling til' all hours of the night, willing morning to come quickly.

Half marathon, I am so ready for you.

No expectations. No projected finishing time. Just run strong. 

In honor of tomorrow's race (and due to my complete inability to write coherently the eve before a big run), here are some fun memes, pictures and quotes from the world of running and all the giggles and joys it has to offer:

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Wish me luck! :)