The angry run

I was going to blog last night, but I don't believe in blogging when you're angry. It's kind of like driving drunkyou could really hurt yourself or someone else.

What was I (and still am) angry about? That's neither here nor there, but just know that I was not in the best mindset to unleash my words on the world.

I hate being mad. It's like, the worst feeling ever. It's ugly, it's isolating and it can be downright exhausting. I can't even articulate myself properly when I'm angry; it just all comes out in grunts, animated hand gestures, and loud inquires of, "ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME?"

Poor Clayton. He bore the brunt of my ranting and raving, but he handled it like a star. He gave me sound, logical advice without trying to placate or stifle my emotions. He gave me the validation I needed and then tried to help me move on.

After spilling my guts and heart out to my husband (while simultaneously both impressing and horrifying with my explicit vocabulary), I took to the streets to get in a run. I don't know about you, but I run really, really well when I'm mad.

But I still woke up with a little storm cloud hovering around my head this morning.

My gut instinct tells me that I'm in need of some retail therapy, but that never has a good outcome. So I settled for buying some cottage cheese on my lunch break because cottage cheese just sounded damn amazing.

You know what has eased my foul mood today? My work friends. And messages from my husband. And hilarious email exchanges with my sister. And Nutella slathered on croissants for breakfast. And wandering around the library after work looking at books. And wine. And know I can go to bed and sleep in the next morning.

Being angry or upset is the pits, man. Nothing and no one is worth ruining your day over. Sometimes the best revenge we can have against those who have wronged us is to just be completely and utterly fabulous!

Have a great weekend!


  1. I'm the same way in that angry runs are usually my best runs. I often say I could PR if I ran a race after work. As you know, most races are at 8am and I'm usually too sleepy to be mad that early in the day. I hope the storm cloud has passed and the rest of your week is a happy one. :-)


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