My Favorite Fitness App

What are your favorite fitness apps?

I'm not super tech-y and aside from constantly downloading weekly coupons from the Michael's Craft Store app or proving Clayton wrong about an actor with the IMDB app, I don't have much need for phone applications. I really don't. They're cute and they can be fun, but I mostly end up deleting them after a few months.

And I never, ever spend money on them. Unless an app can do my laundry and make me a good margarita, I'm not paying for it.

I was a big fan of RunKeeper for the longest time, until I realized it was pretty inaccurate. I mean, I'd love to believe that I'm capable of running 5:30 min. miles for an hour, but we all know that's just not true. (Plus, I have my sweet, sweet Garmin Forerunner now.)


But I do have one fitness app that has made itself right at home on my smart phone and that app my friends, is SworkIt.

1.) I love the app's name because it sounds like the name of a Miley Cyrus song.
2.) I can only work out for 5 minutes and still feel like I did something. 

What's not to love?

If you're in a hurry and only have 10 or 15 minutes to dedicate to exercise, SworkIt is the way to go. Heck, I did my last mini sweat session in the kitchen while my muffins were baking. 

There is zero equipment required, you can select a workout length anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, and you can choose what type of excercise you'd like to do and what area of your body you want to target.

Yoga? Check.
Full-body stretch? Check.
Ab strength? Check.
Cardio? Check. 

Best yet? Verbal cues tell you when to switch exercises and pictures and video tutorials ensure you're doing the moves properly.

Oh, and it's totally free. You can download the "pro" version for a $1, but I don't see any major benefit that don't already come with the free version.

What fitness apps do you use?


  1. I downloaded that app yesterday and used it this morning for a quick 10 minute ab workout. I like that I can designate a length of time and body area to focus on. Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. Awesome! Glad you like it! I used it last night for a quick 5-minute stretch. Love it!


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