My body, myself(ie)

How did your St. Patrick's Day turn out? (Better yet, how did my Irish soda bread turn out?!)

So glad you asked because ...

... it was WONDERFUL!!!

Yeast and I aren't always on the best of terms (because it never wants to rise to the occasion. Ha! Do you get it? RISE to the occasion? I slay me.), so I was thrilled with the concept of quick bread. Within minutes of popping a pan full of dough into the oven, the bread began to poof up nicely.

The soda bread has a harder, outer crust and the inside was soft and crumbly with the perfect amount of sweetness from the buttermilk. I totally had to pat myself on the back with this one.

We also celebrated with green beers, but neither of us could finish them because green food coloring settled at the bottom of our mugs in clumps and quite honestly, it looked disgusting. 

So remember one of my recent posts about a Huffington Post article that discussed the new trend of editing selfies? Well, over the weekend I discovered that my phone's camera features it's very own set of "unique" editing features. 

Wanna see what I mean? (Answer: Yes.)

Okay, here is a selfie I took last Friday night after I woke from a 2-hour nap (because my life exhausts me):

Here is the same picture with some "enhancements":

Notice the smoother skin; the whiter, brighter eyes; and the complete and lack of bags under my eyes.

Horribly manipulative, right? Granted, it looks ridiculously fake and even the ends of my hair got in on the "skin blurring" action, but still!

P.S. I totally love that the gray hair on my head could NOT be edited out.

So if you start to notice that I'm deceptively better-looking, you'll know why. 

Oh yeah, and you can make your eyes bigger, too.

Have a great Tuesday! (Oh my gosh, is it really only Tuesday?)