Friday 5

 Happy Friday! (^^And how cute is that little guy?)

Here are 5 things to take you into the first weekend of spring in 2014:

1.) I've been staying up way past my bedtime the past several days watching science documentaries on Netflix. A film about Pompeii prompted me to learn more about volcanoes and other natural phenomenons, so last night I found myself watching a 53-minute presentation on solar flares. WHO IS THIS GIRL!???

2.) A bird pooped on me during my 5-mile run yesterday. After completing a strong workout that I was rather proud of, I looked down at my shirt and remembered that things can never be good for more than 10 minutes before going to well, sh*t.

3.) I'm a huge subscriber to the Ron Swanson way of life. So much so, I took some of my favorite Ron-idioms and designed printables for our home (I love typography.):

4. It is 68° today and I don't even care that we're supposed to get snow next week because I am REVELING in the sunshine. We're hoping to get some yard work taken care of this weekend and that just means we're one weekend closer to starting our first garden!

Bizzle in our ugly, winter-beaten yard.

5. I want this t-shirt with every fiber of my being:

Have a great weekend!


  1. We (well, mostly me I suppose) are starting a garden this summer too! I got a little excited and started some seeds inside this past week. Hopefully it warms up enough soon to start planting.

  2. Haha! Love your printables! I've been sick since Thursday (yay, sinus infections!), so documentaries have been right up my alley the past 4 days. Cosmos? ALL OVER IT. Right now I'm living for 9p for the new episode. If you can find anything on Herculaneum, investigate that sh--. I visited there - Pompeii got covered in volcanic ash, while Herculaneum was incinerated. Literally. The volcano exploded (which is how the tour guides describe it now instead of erupted, since it blew nearly all of the mountain top off), and the heat from the explosion flew down the mountain and incinerated the city. Nothing carbon-based survived (meaning there are no human remains in the city, except a few bones by where the port once was), with the exception of a few pieces of lumber embedded in stone (which appear to have been part of a roof), a laundry press (fully intact, which they still don't know how that happened), and a door. It. Is. Crazy. I have a ton of pics from that tour. It was incredible.

    We're supposed to get snow on Tuesday, and I'm just cringing...I really can't wait to open the windows and let the sunshine & warm air blow through the house!! Hope you had a great weekend!!


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