Fitting in fitness

Before I dive into today's post, did you guys know that the movie 12 Years a Slave is actually based on a memoir of the same name that was written in the late 1800s? Yup, consider that book already reserved for me at the library. Cannot wait!

Anyway, today's topic:

Share 5 Tips For Fitting Fitness Into Your Life

Golly, I do love me some alliteration.

Anyway, before reading this post, please remind yourselves that I am not an expert in health and wellness. I didn't go to school for any of this, I don't work in this industry. Besides being an enthusiastic member of my place of employment's Wellness Committee, my meager wealth of knowledge is based solely on trial and error, what works for me and what doesn't. Take my advice or suggestions over the next month with a grain of salt and experiment until you find what suits you and your lifestyle best!

Fitting fitness into your life doesn't have to be anything drastic. You don't have to kill yourself in a gym for several hours a day, most days a week, in order to achieve an appropriate level of exercise. In fact, I know many people don't have the luxury of being in a gym that often, so here are some of my tips for sneaking in excercise into your daily life:

1.) Wake up earlier. I know, I'm the last person in the world who should be touting early morning workouts since I think waking up before 6:00 a.m. is the devil's work, but when I know I have a busy day ahead, sometimes it's my only option. Even if you get up 20 minutes early to stumble around the sidewalks of your neighborhood, you're getting your body moving. (And if you have a dog, morning walks will be an exciting treat for him or her, too!) Plus, I'm pretty sure that working out in the morning boosts your metabolism throughout the day.

I think I read that somewhere.

Or I made it up.

2.) Take breaks during the day. I have an office job, but I refuse to let that be an excuse for packing on pounds or being lazy during the day. I'm a huge proponent of getting up from your desk every hour to move, even if it's only to stretch for a few minutes. I've definitely done squats in my office. One of my co-workers does Jazzercise moves.

3.) Plan some of your social engagements around physical activity. A busy social life is oftentimes a reason why people think they don't have time to exercise after work or on the weekends. Why not meet your friends for a stroll in the park or try out a Zumba class? My girlfriends and I normally like to congregate around a bottle of wine, but we've also been known to go to yoga classes together ... because we like napping after we drink.

4.) Plan ahead. This tip kind of ties into number one, but if you anticipate a long work day or an obligation or that you can't get out of, work around it. Either get up earlier, sneak to the gym or go for a walk on your lunch break, or make sure you have a Pilates DVD geared up on your television for when you get home. Our schedules can be unpredictable, so do your best to work around your daily responsibilities.

5.) Sign up for a fitness class. My neurotic personality means that I loooooooove having structure in my day, so I'm a big fan of fitness classes (when I can afford them). Knowing I had a cycling class at 6:00 a.m. (seriously, the only reason I ever looked forward to getting up early) or any other class on a designated day and time caused me to plan the rest of my free time around the class. The class became the priority before or after work.


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