Weekend recap

The better the weekend, the rougher Monday feels. Plus, it doesn't help that we woke up to single digit temperatures yet AGAIN this morning.

I think I've almost completely forgotten what it feels like to be warm. Ugh.

How was your weekend? Mine was great! Let's recap:

On Friday night, Clay and I got in some "couple time" and went to another wine tasting class. The evening's vino selection was of the dry variety (so you know I was in heaven) and we learned how to distinguish subtle nuances between brands and grapes. We even got to try some Spanish bubbly!

Plus, we were served a stellar meal complete with a pear salad (with freshly prepared candied walnuts!), pasta made from scratch, and homemade amaretto and raspberry truffles for dessert.

The truffles were served with a hard cheese and a small glass of port.
Not a huge fan or port, but that matters little when you're eating decadent truffles!

O.M.G. Y.U.M.

After we thoroughly stuffed ourselves (and got a little tipsy), we walked several blocks in the frigid air to a downtown bar to meet up with Dan, Emily, and Jason for pool and (more) drinks. I haven't been to the Upstairs bar since I was 22 years old, if that tells you anything!

My drink and I matched.

Except for the DD, we all ordered their famous turquoise AMFs (which is an acronym for the eloquently named "Adios Mother F**ker" because this drink is mixed with like, 50 different types of liquor) and shot a few games of pool while we watched the Olympics' opening ceremonies.

Then we went back to Dan and Emily's house for a few rousing rounds of Mario Kart. After all these years of playing Mario Kart, I'm still terrible at Mario Kart.

It was a perfect Friday night.

I slept way too long on Saturday morning and got up close to 11:00 a.m.. I ran a few errands and had every intention of going for a run on my way home, but I failed to consider that the wooded trails haven't seen a plow in months and found myself walking 5 miles in about 5 inches of snow. Talk about a workout! By the time I realized I made a huge, icy mistake, I was already over 2 miles from my car.

That night, we went to Mitch and Molly's house to join them and some friends for pizza and you guessed it, more Olympics. We had a professional pizza maker in our midst and between the 6 of us and the many toppings we brought, we made ourselves 3 uniquely delicious pizzas.

Just a sampling of all the food we had!

The epic breakfast pizza.

Half veggie, half ham and pineapple.

Joey likes to be in the center of all food happenings.

Sunday was supposed to be a lazy day of rest, and it totally started out that way when I woke up early and spent several hours snuggled up on the couch finishing a book, but when Clayton finally emerged from the bedroom, he decided that we needed to go out and buy a new vacuum cleaner.

Clayton recently went to an allergist and learned that he's allergic to well, pretty much everything. All this time we thought last winter's surgery to fix his deviated septum was a flop, but it turns out he just has really, really bad allergies. So after learning that pet dander is one of his irritants, we were instructed to get a better, more efficient vacuum and do a better job of sucking up Joey's fallen hairs.

If I knew that buying new appliances is all it took to get my husband excited about cleaning, I'd keep us in new vacuums, dusters and Swiffers all the time. Sunday was probably the longest he's ever vacuumed anything in his life and I'm not gonna lie, it kind of did it for me. Hey Mr. Clean, what's up?

I installed new knobs on our guest bedroom's closet doors and I'm not gonna lie, I was super impressed by my choice in hardware. They're beautiful! Something about antique-y maps is just so stylish and chic!

I'm really hoping we get around to painting the last two rooms of our house soon so that I can post pictures of our home. Nothing's really stopping me from taking pictures of what we already have completed, but I kind of want to do it all at once. :)

After our house got a thorough scrub down, I ventured outside to find a stretch of road that wasn't completely covered in snow. Luckily, my normal route on the paved trail was completely cleared and I was able to complete 6 miles without incident. The Hoosier Half is less than 2 months away, and I have to log more time running outside if I have a prayer of tackling that course's hills. Plus, when your nose finally stops running because your boogers froze, it's really not that bad.

We wrapped up our weekend with an old DVR'd recording of Identity Thief with Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy, and I made a kielbasa and potato skillet for dinner. It's another one of those recipes I saw floating around on Facebook and as it turns out, it's a dish that both Clayton's and my mom made when we were kids. The only difference is that this recipe called for cheese and holy goodness, it was good! Winter comfort food at its finest!

I'm really excited about meal planning this week. I'm going to try a new enchilada casserole recipe that I found on Pinterest (of course) and when I was at the grocery store on Sunday, I couldn't help myself: I grabbed a box of pierogies. Everything about pierogies reminds me of home (not like, actual Poland or anything, but just my mom and sister). If you have never tried pierogies, think of them as dumplings stuffed with potatoes, meat or cheese.

And now go out and buy some. Seriously.