Random weekend tidbits

This post is going to be random. I can just feel it.

Our weekend was good (up until the disastrous Super Bowl that shall not be mentioned). I made a few yummy goodies, watched a few funny movies (I'm downright shocked by how much I enjoyed Bad Grandpa), and had lots of Joey snuggles on my vacation day Monday.

I tried a new frosting flavor for the Super Bowl game that shall not be named: Honey Buttercream. The consistency was a bit runnier than I had anticipated, but after chilling the cupcakes in the freezer for several minutes, they turned out okay. And of course I was out of my cute cupcake papers, so I had to use a set from Halloween.

And I wore my new blue suede shoes for the first time. True story: I spent so much money at Kohl's during my Christmas shopping that I totally forgot I was sitting on a pile of Kohl's cash. After a quick phone call to customer service stating my case for letting the cash expire, they reactivated my coupons and well, here we are.

Joey gave us quite the scare on Thursday night which resulted in a trip to the emergency vet at midnight on Thursday. I didn't post about it (or anything) on Friday because by the time we got home from Indianapolis and settled down from the emotional trauma, it was almost 3:00 a.m. and we had to get up for work at 6:30. I was mentally and physically exhausted.

Long story short: Joey was exhibiting some extremely uncharacteristic traits that put me in major fur mommy freak-out mode. His symptoms were pointing towards stomach torsion (a fatal condition if not tended to immediately. Seriously, if you own a dog and want to lose some sleep tonight, Google it) and after much debate (and crying) with Clayton, we ultimately decided it was better to be safe than sorry and we took our beloved beagle to the emergency vet.

Joey's suspicious behavior dissipated by the time we finished our hour-long drive (thankfully) and I almost started to feel embarrassed that we rushed up for overpriced help for nothing (but again, no regrets because BETTER SAFE THAN SORRY. If your Grandma was acting really weird and you thought she might drop dead at any moment, you wouldn't just wait it out.). Turns out, Joey's symptoms were caused by a pinched nerve in his back (the vet explained that any kind of neck or back pain can cause severe nausea which is exactly how he was acting). So was it life-threatening in that moment? No. But again, HOW WERE WE TO KNOW!?

So Joey has been on a steady cocktail of muscle relaxers (lucky) and our biggest obstacle is keeping him calm and inactive until his back heals, which is impossible because that dog has so much dang energy! The emergency vet (and our local vet because yes, I called to confirm everything with them the next morning. Because yes, I am that person) reassured us that it's not a serious injury and that he'll be just fine. There's a possibility that he could have more back problems as he ages (it's pretty common for dogs that are shaped like hot dogs with little legs) and if that ever happens, there are plenty of medicines and supplements and shots that he can have to fix the problem.

But of course, all I hear is that my dog is aging and I did NOT handle that well.

Just like the time our vet told us Joey became a senior at the age of 7, I bawled hysterically about his back. Like, HYSTERICALLY. During my lunch break on Friday, I laid next to Joey and sobbed into his ears. Then I cried in my office that afternoon and my co-worker had to bring me tissues.

I get so emotional, baby, every time I think of you-hoo-ooo ....

Joey's doing just fine now. In fact, you can't even tell he's on muscle relaxers. He was super duper loopy the first night (which was adorable), but now I think he's pretty used to being a drug addict. He handles it well. 

^^Oh, this my favorite face in the entire world. :)

And apparently we're right in the line of fire for another winter storm. It's supposed to hit sometime this afternoon and true to form, the entire state is freaking out and shutting down early. I'm getting so sick of this.

Spring? Anyone? Spring?


  1. We love that dog. I hope we get to meet him when we visit Indiana later this year.

    1. We love him, too. :) And I'm sure he'd love to meet you guys! Be warned: He's loud when he's excited. ha ha!


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