One of those people

If you're my friend on Facebook, you probably saw Friday night's frantic status updates after I dropped my phone into a pan of water. In my 10+ years of having a cell phone (I just totally dated myself), I have never, ever broken one of my phones beyond function or repair. I was really stinkin' proud of my ability to keep my phones chuggin' along between upgrades, and I've even been able to sell most of them later because they were still in THAT good of shape.

But on Friday night, after taking a "I'm so happy the work week is over!" nap, I wandered into the kitchen to start working on the dishes. (Okay, that's a lie. I had no intentions of doing the dishes. I was looking for a snack.) In my groggy state, I leaved over the sink to place my cell phone on the windowsill, just like I normally do when washing my hands.

Only I totally missed the windowsill (the 4.5 inch-wide windowsill, I should mention), and my phone hit the edge, bounced off the wall and did a perfect swan dive right into a pan filled with dirty water.

With catlike reflexes I'm actually quite proud of, I snatched my phone out of the water within less than 2 seconds of it submerging. Of course, grabbing the wet phone so fast caused me to lose control of it and it ended up crashing to the floor and skidding under the dishwasher ... but that's neither here nor there.

But those short 2 seconds were just enough to make my precious, precious HTC One X have a MAJOR freak out (second only to mine). The phone wouldn't shut off, the lights were flashing, and occasionally I'd hear the faint, static ping of Facebook notification. It was the technological equivalent of a seizure.

I tossed the phone into a bag of rice and waited. I called the AT&T store by our house and the sweet girl on the line said, "Just leave the phone in the rice for about 48 hours, checking it occasionally to see if it comes back to life." I told her that was the problem: it never actually died. My phone was still very much alive. So alive, it refused to shut off or go to sleep. "Let the battery drain on its own and try not to panic," she replied. Then she added, "I know it's hard. I understand that the phone is your livelihood."

I had to scoff at her. Um, I am most certainly NOT one of those people that relies on my phone like an additional appendage. I'm not one of those people that has my phone glued to my face every time there's a lull in conversation or I go more than 30 seconds without human interaction. I strongly dislike those people. I was not one of them.

"Oh, I'm not worried about that," I assured her. "I'm just worried about not having an alarm tomorrow morning."

Fast foward to less than 2 hours later:


Okay, so maybe I am one of those people.

Long story short, my beloved smart phone could not be revived and went on to the big cell phone store in the sky. Luckily, Clayton's and my cell contract was up for renewal and we were both able to order new phones for $0 with free shipping and no activation fees. In fact, I convinced Clayton to give Android a try and we both chose the HTC One (the newest version of my previous phone).

In the interim, my sister-in-law graciously let me borrow her old iPhone 3 so I'd at least be able to call and text until my new phone arrived (seriously, she was a lifesaver!). Being that it was an older phone with only 3G capabilities, it was significantly slower and trying to check my email or use social media was frustrating and useless.


Clayton looked at me poingnantly. "Who are you?" he asked, legitimately wondering what kind of smartphone snob his wife had morphed into.

Okay, so I definitely am one of those people.

Thank goodness, our new phones arrived last night and I feel like I have my old life back! Which means I scrolled through Facebook like a madwoman while brushing my teeth, uploaded a picture of the chocolate crumble muffins I made to Instagram ... and then totally forgot about my phone all together today and left it in my purse.

Yup. Back to normal.